Invincibility Glitch

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User Info: TheTwig1987

6 years ago#1
Nothing really special, but I accidentally made myself invincible just a moment ago while playing Mega Man 2. I was fighting Bubble Man and had him down to one health. I jumped to deliver my last shot to him, and while he did die, I also made contact with the spikes at the same time. I continued the stage and from there noticed I was pretty much ghosting through the enemies and power ups. Spikes can still kill me and I would assume a fall would too, but otherwise, I can basically run through the level untouched. After a brief experiment, I found it only lasts through the stage itself.

Just had to mention it. I would assume it's already known, but I found it humorous to have this occur accidentally.

User Info: thunderbird006

6 years ago#2
There is a known glitch, that would let you access a glitched up version of Bubble Man's stage, when you fight him.. This also applies to Heat Man's stage..I'm not sure how it exactly works, but it DOES INVOLVE FIGHTING the RM's.. Google it, you should find the info.. But the glitch is rarely known.
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