CYOA: Reiz To The Future Part Part 7

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User Info: RighteousTip

6 years ago#31
The lights flash a few times and you prepare for it by trying to sense anything coming from the machine. You can lightly sense something more closely to reiatsu being emitted from the machine from chakra so you use that as a trigger to use your reiatsu to sync with it. You tap the "rocks" button the first time and guess correctly. "Was that luck?" You think to yourself. You're not sure if you were actually able to use your ability to get the choice correctly, or if your abilities are actually able to pierce through the energy of the machine...

The second flash of light flashes and you miss it this time, "Gah! I could have had it I think."

Out of all fifteen attempts, you successfully guess 10 of the 15 correctly. More than Yusuke, but not as good as Kuwabara, "That's righteous man." Kuwabara praises. "You're still not as good as me at anything, but at least you're better than Yusuke!"

"Can it, moron." Yusuke chimes in, "Let's go ahead and do this karaoke crap so we can get to the next round."

"This kid and I are already eligible for the next round, have fun doing the karaoke yourself." Kuwabara jests again.

"I just told you to can it!"


A. Not wanting to do karaoke

B. Ready for karaoke

C. Will only do it if Kuwabara does it.
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User Info: mizukage2

6 years ago#32
B, we should stomp here. Adapting and surviving is our thing.

User Info: mizukage2

6 years ago#33
Also, we should sing one of Bleach's opening/ending songs just for a gag<_<

User Info: mrlala123

6 years ago#34
I think we should have added chakra to the mix. Anyway B

User Info: HellsController

6 years ago#35
No dude. Adding chakra last time almost made us fail the test. B vote. Let's sing Dragon Soul from DBZ Kai.
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User Info: Yushinoki

6 years ago#36
"That was pretty interesting. But dropping a warship on me is cheating... Take it back!" - Id, Xenogears

User Info: HueyFreman

6 years ago#37
Reiz: Sure, I'll give this a try. It's based on your will to stay alive right?
Proceeds to sing

*Everyone walks out*

Voting B

EDIT: For those of you too lazy to use the link that was Michael Jackson's "Leave me alone". Can we sing that?
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User Info: theiceisnice

6 years ago#38

User Info: DarkChozoGhost

6 years ago#39
B vote.
The dreams of the deranged are pretty horrible things.

User Info: QSeal00

6 years ago#40

Song choice:

FMA:B OP 5 - Rain for those too lazy to click.
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