lost the installation code

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  3. lost the installation code

User Info: mauljs

8 years ago#1

i have this game as part of the best of start wars PC but where is the code for it on the case???

User Info: cither3000

8 years ago#2
Wikianswers, you could try there. Or find people more sympathetic.
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User Info: _cat5

8 years ago#3
When you open the box there should be a little paper to the left. On the back it has the keys for all the games that need keys.

If you don't have the paper you're out of luck, because if you try to use a key that's not your original one, your game probably won't work online.

User Info: alfredo094

8 years ago#4
I have the same problem, just that someone nistalled it. I already have internet, could you PLEASE tell me th battlefront code?
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  3. lost the installation code

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