Its too crowded?

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User Info: Worm199

8 years ago#1
Hi, im new to this game and I want to know what I should do when the angry civilians keep saying: ''It's too crowded.''

I also want to know what I should do if the civilians are getting sick by food plains?

User Info: Dr_Chetzkoi

8 years ago#2
The "It's too crowded" happiness penalty is directly tied to the population of the city (1 pop / unhappy). It cannot be avoided without lowering the population of the city. To allievate the problem, you can implement slavary and use the whip to lower the population forceably, you can let the city starve, or (best), find other ways to increase the happiness and overcome it. This can be done by hooking up luxury resources (fur, ivory, gems, etc), making buildings that increase happiness (temples, colloseums, etc), or implementing civics that increase happiness (representation, or hereditary rule + units, for instance).

Floodplains, though great, do cause unhealthiness. City population does too (identical to unhappiness). This can be overcome by connecting food resources (corn, fish, etc.), making buildings that directly increase health (aqueduct, hospital, etc), or buildings that increase health with a resource (granary with corn/wheat/rice, etc).

Hope that helps!
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User Info: Hawkbit

8 years ago#3
Like mentioned by the good doctor, "It's too crowded!" unhappiness increases with a city's population, and there's no way to get red it of it without decreasing the city's population through starvation of slavery. It acts as a ceiling on the effective size on your cities, requiring you to acquire sources of happiness (religion, civics, buildings, luxuries) to allow your cities to grow without the population becoming unproductive.

In the early parts of the game, where your means of acquiring these sources of happiness are limited or nonexistent, it's a good idea to use slavery to keep your cities small. Using slavery to rush a unit or building requires 1 population for each 30 hammers left on the build (20 if it was just added to the queue with no hammers invested in it yet, and a significant penalty for wonders, I think maybe 1 pop per 15 hammers, unsure). However, if the rush consumes more than 1 population, it still only generates 1 unhappiness, so you can use a whip of 2 or more population to actually make the city happier than it was before (+1 unhappy for whip, minus however much population was whipped away). But you have to be careful to monitor the city's growth so that it doesn't grow back faster than the rush unhappiness goes away. On a final note, you can't whip away more than half of the city's population, so if you want to do a 2 population whip, the city needs to have at least 4 population, in addition to the build having more than 30 hammers remaining (otherwise the whip would only be for 1 population, which wouldn't result in a decrease of unhappiness since the +1 unhappy cancels out the -1 unhappy due to decreased population.

I only mention all of this because it's a useful way to make the most out of a bad situation, namely, having your city growth stunted by lack of happiness. Specialists are a good way also since they consume food but do not generate it, especially if your leader has the philosophical trait.
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User Info: Hawkbit

8 years ago#4
However, I should also mention that having your cities stuck with no additional sources of happiness for a long period of time is very bad. City growth means more worked tiles, which is more productivity. If you're stuck with no religion or resources, make a point of it to get Monarchy as soon as conveniently possible.
I hear an odd sounding engine, and a FORKLIFT comes out of nowhere and plows my squad down… All I could say was "WTF FORKLIFT?" -bionuke118 on BF2:SF

User Info: red255

8 years ago#5

Its just a basic happy and healthy question. TC wants to get more happy to offset his unhappy, and health to offset his unhealth.

Simple answer is build mines. MInes instead of windmills on hills (which is like your other option besides cottages) means less food.... more hammer. City stays smaller, and you can handle that.

eventually you may dig up gold, silver, or gems, and with a forge +2 happy each. And of course using state religion for +2 happy (with temple) is a good start. Thats 8 happy and generally the area has some Calender happy resources (silk, Spice, Sugar, dye) that you could use or switch to heriditary rule until you have Broadway + Hollywood + Rock and Roll + eiffel tower (+6 happy)

unhealth, somewhat deals with itself. its just -1 food per unhealth you can't deal with. which leads to the city to starve and adjust its population. Leaves you a bit vulnerable for poisoned water, which the AI likes to SPAM, but its mainly a nuisance because you can't get we love the emporer day.

I suppose offset the flood plains with fresh water and forests.
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