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User Info: Unicorn_Fire

6 years ago#1
Remember when fanfics used to be all over the place here? Yeah.

I've been in a creative mood lately, so I've been craving one of these one-shot topics. There's not really any rules, but try to keep it PG. I'll start!
Roses are Red

Love was in the air in Mineral Town. After all, it was Valentine's Day, the day for lovers (or, if you're single, the loneliest day of the year). Girls were running to and fro with chocolate, faces flushed as they hand the hand-wrapped gifts over, scared of rejection.
Elli's heart was beating at a startling pace as she walked in the frigid air towards the clinic. She was clutching a small, pink box, full of low sugar, milk-based sweets. She had been careful the night before to be sparse with sugar, since Doctor Trent didn't have much of a sweet tooth and would scold her if she gave him anything particularly bad for you.

Unfortunately for her, this action made it obvious who she was making the Valentine's Day treats for. Her younger brother, Stu, began to tease her, causing her to lose her concentration and accidentally spill hot liquid onto her skirts.

Snow had just started to fall as she unlocked the clinic door and entered. Trent was sitting on the sofa, reading a book.

"Good morning, doctor," Elli said briskly as she walked towards her station. She was hiding her true feelings, of course; her hands were shaking.

Trent looked up at his assistant, smiled, and closed his book.

"Good morning, Elli," he replied, "Quite a cold day, huh? Have you been bundling up properly?"

"I have. Thank you for asking."

"Well, I'll be the judge of that."

Before she could say anything, Trent had already come over and grabbed her hands.

"My, my, Elli! Your hands are quite hot, but you aren't even wearing gloves!" he exclaimed, "And your face is red as a beet! Do you have a feve- Oh, what's this?"

Elli's already red face turned even redder as the doctor grabbed her box of sweets. He looked at her with an unreadable expression. He looked happy and playful, but there was a certain coldness and air of jealousy to it.

"Oh, is this a box for Valentine's Day?" he teased, "Who's it for? Jack?"

Elli looked down at her feet and shuffled a bit.

"...U-Um, it's for your, D-Doctor Trent."

Trent seemed taken aback, like he wasn't expecting that reply. His face had turned red and he awkwardly asked, "M-May I open it, Elli?"

Elli nodded. The doctor carefully undid the ribbon around the box and opened it. The assortment of milk sweets were arranged neatly and were individually wrapped in different colored paper. Trent took one out, unwrapped it, and popped it in his mouth.

Smiling, he said, "It's delicious, Elli. Not too sweet and with plenty of milk. You'd made a great wife."

Elli blushed and Trent realized what had slipped out of his mouth.

"I-I, um... Hypothetically, of course," he stammered.

Elli gave him a sweet little smile and gently kissed his cheek.

"I'm glad you liked it."
I'm gonna post the scenarios of Popuri, Ann, Mary, Karen, May, and possibly the Harvest Goddess soon. :3
I set unicorns on fire for fun. :D

User Info: Unicorn_Fire

6 years ago#2
D: No love for the one shot thread...
I set unicorns on fire for fun. :D

User Info: FranckKnight

6 years ago#3
I'd say no life from the board.

By the way, hello I'm new to this one since I posted a new guide :P I have been on the boy version for quite a whole, so decided to check here and submit the guide over since it applied to both version pretty much.
Shameless plug for personal gaming blog :

User Info: Unicorn_Fire

6 years ago#4
We have a few on and off people that come here, but I think they forget really often. :<

Welcome, though.
I set unicorns on fire for fun. :D

User Info: _565mae10_

6 years ago#5
thats a good story :3 I love stuff like this (<- reads alot of shojo manga >.>) annnyyyways I like it~
If life gives you lemons... your lemonade is going to suck unless life gives you sugar and water too. -Ladyrenea

User Info: Unicorn_Fire

6 years ago#6
^ Thank you. :3
I set unicorns on fire for fun. :D

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