High reviews?

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User Info: clay_man

8 years ago#1
I usually get frustrated when I see a game I like getting a bad review but how did this game get such high reviews? I mean, maybe if there were people online, it has good multilayer, but the physics for me weren't that great, the story was kinda silly, and the weapon variety and monsters were really limited.
At best I probably give it a 5.5/10
I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous...

User Info: greybeard

8 years ago#2
It is all a question of what you want from a FPS. The setting and themes in Darkwatch are original for a video game and the design of the levels, although linear, are as good as any other game of its type. The back-story and presentation are pretty decent too.

The rest is gameplay and you can't argue that isn't well polished. Sure, enemies types and weapons are limited but that doesn't mean it's not exciting or demanding does it? Try it on the hardest setting for a genuinely tough challenge.

I don't think anybody of consequence said this was one of the best FPS ever but it's fun, well made and has enough originality to make it stand out. It's simply a good, solid, above average FPS and well worth playing.
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