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User Info: silverfoxy8472

8 years ago#1
ok i have been to site after site faq after faq and get the same paragraph He basically has three attacks. His first attack will be shooting many
rocket like projectiles at you. You can either dodge them or shoot the one
coming in your general direction before it gets near you. His second attack
will be shooting a single yet powerful projectile. You cannot shoot this one so
just dodge it. His third attack will be sending sort of electro-shock waves
at you. These are a little difficult to avoid so be on your guard. Since you
have unlimited ammunition, shoot like mad at him. Dont miss a single chance.
He will try to fool you by flying over you and then going back, dont become a
fool. Keep at it until his life bar is completely depleted.
this paragraph doesn't help me because as far as i can see it doesn't tell me WHEN i can shoot for damage. i am not fighting a losing battle at least that would be something i am fighting an infinite standoff can someone explain EXACTLY when he is vulnerable to damge?
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