Hades Challenge Spoilers

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User Info: NemoOfOblivion

9 years ago#1
Hades Challenge when you have to kill minours in the circle how many do you have to kill and with what weapon cause i killed upwards of 30 and the door wont open
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User Info: Mookiethebold

9 years ago#2
Do you mean Centaurs, the half man, half horse creatures? If so, kill 4 in each of the two circles on the floor at the base of the steps. A smaller symbol will light up on the edge of the circle when you successfully kill one in the ring.
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User Info: davedogg6668

9 years ago#3
What Mookie said ^. Just make sure you are killing them in the circle and that the symbol is lighting up.

User Info: Fendas

9 years ago#4
i keept killing them in the circle close to the stairs.... over and over again.... cause i didn't saw the other circle T_T
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User Info: MuffinPunk

9 years ago#5
Kill them in both circles, Ones near the stairs and the other is back near the entrance.

User Info: ogro108

9 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: the-maxx

9 years ago#7
3 in each circle I think. I won't tell you how much I hated the fight on God mode.

User Info: cousintori

9 years ago#8

yeah, i sat there for the longest time killing centaur after centaur and finally asked my sister for help and she told me you idiot there's another circle.

boy didnt i feel smart :]

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