So after I got the architect's son's head...

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User Info: darkstalkers12

9 years ago#1
FAQs say that a tunnel should open up beneath the tomb but I fail to see it. I got to the Rings of Pandora and opened up the middle room with the crystal. I can't seem to find out where I'm supposed to go from here. any help would be appreciated.
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User Info: HeraclesGr

9 years ago#2
The architect has 2 sons.At the grave of the first one,removing his skull triggers a mechanism that pushes the grave back and an opening on the earth appears.The second grave can be found right after you defeat the minotaur.In this case you just go back to where you fought the minotaur to a gate on your left which will open right after Hades gives you the Army of Hades magic and a small fight with undead soldiers.
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User Info: AvatarOfBagan

9 years ago#3
You got the first head (youngest son) in "Challange of Atlas".

Second head, other son, kill giant Minotaur, go through hole in door that Beasty kick opened. Climb stairs, get head, go back down, Hades gives you the souls.
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  3. So after I got the architect's son's head...

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