disc won't work?

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User Info: Dantefan1

8 years ago#1

i just picked this up at GameStop today, and the disc is in near mint condition, but it won't play on my PS2.

i have a theory, but i wanted to check on here and see if anyone had the same problem.

the disc doesn't read, but it doesn't come up with an error either. it just says "reading disc..." for an indefinite amount of time, or until i get annoyed and turn it off. i also notice that, when i go to turn it off, if i hold the power button, my ps2 doesn't shut off. i have to open the disc tray for it to register that i've turned it off. and when i do that, i notice that the disc wasn't spinning, because it's still sitting in the same position it was before, not moving.

what i find interesting about that is that, this is my second ps2, and on my first, it eventually just stopped playing dvds. when it broke, i replaced it with this one, and just recently, it stopped playing dvds too. it just doesn't read them. the situation for when i put in a dvd is exactly the same as the way i mentioned this game acting when it's in my ps2.

therefore, i was wondering, could this game not working be due to the fact that my ps2 doesn't play dvds, and the disc has dvd content on it?

has this happened to anyone else, or can anyone provide me with some insight into what i can possibly do to make it work? i'd really like to play it, but if i can't, i guess i'll just have to return it.

User Info: optiow

8 years ago#2
Never had that problem with mine. I can not recall any of my friends having this problem either.

User Info: Kouja

8 years ago#3
Return it and try again. If it doesn't work, then it's your PS2.
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User Info: RAZOR0018

8 years ago#4
I started having the same symptoms you are having with my old fat PS2 I had since launch. Loading errors, shutoff problems and it started to fail reading some of my dvds making the infamous clicking sound.

I recently bought a new slim model and all is fine. Also games and movies load almost 3 times quicker.

The only thing I don't like is how delicate it feels and the way you have to carefully snap games into the tray or else risk damaging them. Also it kinda bites that there is no off switch so the only way to fully cut the power is to pull the plug from the outlet.

Besides those things the slim model is gold.

User Info: the_requiem

8 years ago#5
I'd say it's your PS2. are you having an old style fat-PS2? I know quite a few friends who had problem with GoW on their fat-PS2s but worked well enough on the slim models.

User Info: Static Hamster

Static Hamster
8 years ago#6
The slim PS2 doesn't power down when you hold down the power button in the front? I never knew.
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User Info: RAZOR0018

8 years ago#7
^ No it enters standby mode. Power is still being fed to the system and the unit is still on. Just not active.

User Info: Jester0601

8 years ago#8
I had the exact same problem. What I did was cleaned the laser with a damp (not wet) Q-tip, dried it, and it worked like a champ.
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