So Frustrating... (Challenge of Poseidon)

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7 years ago#1
I can not, for the life of me, get to the top of this DAMN HILL to sacrifice this stupid solider. I get it...use the rock piles to prop him up and fight off the enemies. Great...problem is...the enemies never stop coming. Once I kill one...another one pops up, leaving 3-4 enemies on the screen AT ALL TIMES. I thought maybe they'd stop after a while, so I fought for 20 minutes...they just keep coming. There is no point at which I can take the soldier up any further. I even lured them to the bottom, kill 2 of them, then ran to the top to try and get him just a bit further up...but they swarmed me, Not to mention that they, for me, always spawn at the top of the hill, so when I try to move forward they just hit the cage out of my hands.

Any advice?

User Info: Dukeaddam

7 years ago#2
Make small moves and make each of them count. Only move the cage when a wave of enemies is dead, weaken a group of enemies systematically so they all die at once.

ALSO does Rage of the Gods make you uninteruptible?

User Info: khaoz95746

7 years ago#3
indeed it does. you cant be knocked out of anything you do while in it. but it would be impossible to make a rage session last as long as that puzzle takes. if one is having trouble with the sacrifice of poseidon i would recommend using medusa's gaze to take them out quickly. if no magic is available (but there are 3 chests in that area with magic so it should be), try the blade of artemis.
---Beware the fury of a patient man.
-Dryden (Absalom and Achitophel I)

User Info: Dukeaddam

7 years ago#4
kid I know it does, just my way of wording things.

Did I ever suggest using RotG for the entire puzzle?

TBH I can't even recall how many ledges there are to rest the cage behind, its been a long time since I played GoW.

User Info: DaygoWop

7 years ago#5
Funny you posted this. I just beat this part of the game yesterday, and it was giving me alot of trouble too.

i found the Triangle, triangle, triangle combo to be the most effective against the armored undead warriors. it worked great. when you get the cage up to the third rick, they will respawn infinitely. using the above mentioned combo will kill the enemies quickly so you have time to move the cage in between the enemies respawning. and dont forget to use poseidons rage too.

keep at it. you will succeed.
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