Adventure-Themed Zone?

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User Info: rvalkass

9 years ago#1
On one of the missions, the last objective is to please a VIP (Joe Sluggerball) by building an adventure themed zone. I did the sci-fi one easily (loads of sci-fi stuff around a couple of rides) but doing the same for the adventure theme didn't work - his opinion of my park never goes up at all (the bar stays grey). About half the park is now covered with adventure scenery, and I've built every adventure ride I can.

The scenario is called La-La Land, I think (who comes up with these names?!?!?!) so if anyone has any help, thanks.
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User Info: ALICLAR4

9 years ago#2
Two things might have happened. When I did La-la Land (I know...stupid names), the guy that wanted Adventure land changed. Maybe it was just me, but the guy changed from Adventure themed to Western themed without any kind of warning. I had filled the park with Adventure themed stuff and the guy left mad for the third time, I checked his requirements again and he only wanted Western themed stuff. I changed one section of the park into complete Western-land.

One suggestion I can make is to try not to have so much of the park "themed" and only have one area really themed in the required theme. When the VIP comes in, don't let him go to any other part of the park except for the area that is themed. Make sure to have him go on the themed rides and look at the themed plants, trees, etc. As soon as he comes in, pick him up and put him in the themed area and DON'T LET HIM LEAVE! That should work.

Good Luck!
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User Info: daz4126

9 years ago#3
The same has happened to me. i am tycoon on all levels over all games apart from this one. and i am having the same problem with the adventure guy. no matter what happens his park opinion stays at 0 and doesnt move. i dont know what else to try.

User Info: ALICLAR4

9 years ago#4
As someone who was working on this level for what seemed like forever (at least 2 weeks), this is what I did.

1. Made one area very heavily themed with the correct theme.
2. Made sure to footpath the VIP to specific rides, food stalls, even scenery.
3. Put up a "do not enter" sign on the only path that led into the area facing the area(basically, you could go in, but not out).
4. As soon as the VIP entered, plucked him to the themed area.
5. Monitored him the whole time
6. If he finished all his footpaths and still wasn't happy, I gave him more stuff to look at.
7. As soon as he was happy and he said he wanted to leave, pluck him directly to the exit.

Do not let him go anywhere except the area you want him it. Put so much themed stuff around that you are just trying to squeeze in more. There is always room for one of those quarter square sized things, you just have to find it. That is what worked for me. Once all this was done, he was in and out within 10 real minutes.

Hope that helps.
They are sharing a drink they call loneliness, but it is better than drinking alone. -- Billy Joel, "Piano Man"

User Info: jae_mixed

9 years ago#5
I had a problem with this too at first, i think the problem with mine was that the sci-fi area and the adventure area were too close together, so basically make sure they're pretty spread apart and i just chucked everything sci-fi into one area and everything adventure into another. when they arrived i plucked them in and their park opinion went to max basically straight away.
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