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User Info: Gislef

8 years ago#1
You know the drill, RCT3 Golden, using the Prima guide. Park entrance is designated as South.

Research should go primarily into Thrill Rides, but you can pick up a couple of Gentle and Junior rides. I never seem to be able to get anyone one the track rides, but if you want to do some research, a Go-Kart track might serve you well.

The Prima guide seems to have been edited by Monkeys in this case. It claims Kari Oki needs to visit one RC with an Excitement of 7. The on-screen guidelines are correct: she needs to visit 2 RCs with a Excitement of 4. It tells you to buy a floorless RC, Rolling Thunder, to win. Floorless RCs aren't available from the start or through research.

Oddly, its advice to buy two Mine Adventure mine car RCs is sound.

But jumping back to Apprentice, two Mine Adventures and various Thrill Ride improvement will let you complete the level pretty quick.

It's another park that appears to have been designed by monkeys. While only a few paths dead end (clean them out), there's long stretches of path that loop around big chunks of nothing. Either erase them for money until you need them later, particularly in the NE and NW corners. Or use No Entry signs.

Grande Western Train line, no idea what it's there for, it doesn't go anywhere, it doesn't have an exit/entrance. Sell it for cash.

The Prima guide says to get rid of scrub. DON'T GET RID OF SCRUB. You have to pay to get rid of it. Remove it selectively throughout the scenario when you need to place something, but ignore it otherwise.

The Runaway Train is... adequate. Set it for maximum # of cars. Even then, there's long wait times.

Entrepreneur: another of those (sarcasm on) thrilling loan-paying off scenarios (sarcasm off). As thrilling as it is in real-life. Gradually improve the park, pay off the loan. There's a good selection of Western rides, so build to suit and collect those Best Western awards.

Completing level opens up land for purchase, but you've got plenty already.

Tycoon level: Easy enough if you bought at least one of the Mine Adventure RCs earlier and put in the second one now. Just build the park up to $75,000, and direct Kari to the two Mine Adventure RCs when she shows up.

User Info: Gislef

8 years ago#2
Oh, apparently the cowboys of the Old West threw up a lot. You'll have to keep your janitors busy cleaning up garbage and puke, particularly near the (covered) food court). It's a good dreason to delete unused paths, since that disposes of trash automatically. I had 6 that pretty much covered the park.

User Info: Houston_dude

8 years ago#3
Honi soit qui mal y pense!
"What has 4 legs but can't walk?" "A paralyzed Siamese twin?"

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