Custom Resolutions Are Possible

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User Info: own3mall

9 years ago#1

If you want to set a custom resolution, which in my case was 1680 x 1050, all you have to do is go to C:\Documents and Settings\*ACCOUNT USER'S NAME*\Application Data\Atari\RCT3 and double click on Options.txt. Change the resolution value to your desired settings. Save and close the file.

For example, for me it was: C:\Documents and Settings\Eric\Application Data\Atari\RCT3\Options.txt

I decided to make the options.txt read only, but that's up to you.

Here's how my options.txt looks after changing the resolution:

Resolution 1680 1050
StaticBatchTriCutoff 80
DynamicBatchTriCutoff 200
CycleMenuMusic 4
DayNightCycleType 1
GuestLOD 2.100000 1.350000
AnimalLOD 2.100000 1.350000
VegetationLOD 2.100000 1.350000
FenceLOD 2.100000 1.350000
BuildingLOD 2.100000 1.350000
PathLOD 2.100000 1.350000
SceneryLOD 2.100000 1.350000
SupportLOD 2.100000 1.350000
TrackLOD 2.100000 1.350000
RideLOD 2.100000 1.350000
GeometryImposterDistance 400.000000
GeometryImposterTolerance 0.300000
SkipCacheWarming 3.000000
ReflectEnable 1
WaterBumpEnable 1
ReflectTerrain 1
ReflectScenery 1
ReflectPeople 1
ReflectAnimals 1
ReflectParticles 1
BlendSceneryLODs 1
Bloom 1
Refraction 1
LaserRayHit 1
EnableIME 0
ImportMyMusic 1
DetailMapTerrain 0
WaterDroplets 1
Language "English"

Just thought I'd share since it seems that hardly anyone knows.... :D

User Info: Houston_dude

9 years ago#2
Hmm. I better write this down.
Honi soit qui mal y pense!
"What has 4 legs but can't walk?" "A paralyzed Siamese twin?"

User Info: CamaroHeed

8 years ago#3
I have been trying to figure out a way to run RCT3 at 1920x1200 on my 24inch widescreen monitor. I found the older custom resolution thread that specified basically the same method as you have described. I am able to navigate to the RCT3 folder in My Documents (I dont see the Application Data folder or anything, the RCT3 folder is in My Documents. However, there is no Options.txt file. I have tried selecting Show Hidden Folders/Files under Tools>Options. Nothing changed.

I then tried navigating to my Games folder where the main RCT3 files are located. There is an options.txt file in the main Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 folder. However, when I open the file, it has two short lines of text and NO mention of resolution or anything else you have posted above.

I have RCT3 as well as the two expansion packs. I try running the updater and it says everything is up to date. Have I missed it or is there something I can do to make this work? Please Help!!!

User Info: CamaroHeed

8 years ago#4
Haha... ok, so I see now that it was under Documents and Settings... I was able to find the CORRECT options.txt file! Of course I found it AFTER I posted. I am going to try fiddling with this and post my results! Thanks again for this info!

User Info: CamaroHeed

8 years ago#5
Ha! It worked like a charm! Thanks so much for posting this info! How great to have the resolution that I want!

User Info: own3mall

8 years ago#6
Glad it worked!

User Info: BradleyPalermo

8 years ago#7
that a lot o info, thanx :D

User Info: BradleyPalermo

8 years ago#8
and a don't see a point in posting all that if it just happened to you, besides, it must've taken quite a while :P
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