No one getting on rides.

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User Info: RabidPigeon

8 years ago#1
For some reason none of the people in my park are getting on rides. They will buy hot dogs and umbrellas but they wont get on a ride. I've even tried setting the price to free and they still wont get on. This game just doesn't feel right. I never played RCT 2. Is it worth a buy? I only played the first one and when I saw the 3rd game I got it instead of 2.
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User Info: Anonymous6142

8 years ago#2
This may be a stupid question, but are you sure you have set your rides to "open"?

User Info: fizzydinopop

8 years ago#3

User Info: Gumballwizard

8 years ago#4
IS the exitment rating good?

User Info: coastertycoon77

8 years ago#5
check their issues. see what they are thinking about the rides. Have you installed all the patches? make sure they dont have to go to bathroom...happy, good maintenance. put lots of entertainers. replace flat rides trash them and put them back in. if playing a custom scenario make sure park not pay to enter plus pay for rides. check your paths for ride entrances. make sure there isn't a little break right before Que lines. Ride intensity most peeps like moderate intensity good excitement and moderate nausea. or in some scenarios they prefer more intense rides.
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User Info: EgoKiller801

8 years ago#6
They will never get on a ride that has an intensity rating of higher than "very high", aka "Extreme" or "Ultra-Extreme". I believe the ride becomes Extreme when the intensity reaches 10.00. Could be wrong.
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User Info: BradleyPalermo

8 years ago#7
oh no. I've have peeps line up for a coaster that was 10.04 (extreme) why? becasue the excitement was 9.07 (very high) i lost a lot of money becasue of this. why? becasue the nausea was 8.48 (very high) and i had to employ sooo many handymen to keep my park barf-free. (which i never achived as this coaster was so popular)
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