How many of us just rambo for fun?

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  3. How many of us just rambo for fun?

User Info: Calusblade

4 years ago#1
Leave nothing alive, that kinda thing. I've always been bad at these kinda games, even easy games like assassins creed I'm bad at.
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User Info: SilentCaay

4 years ago#2
Rambo? No, not really. Too much of that happens by accident when I'm new to a level so I don't bother doing it for fun later. For fun I try to come up with odd rules to follow, sometimes I'm not even sure if the rules are possible at first. Once I tried to do a "Mines only, target kills only" run (mines are one of my favorite additions to the game) which worked out on many missions but not all of them, or I might try things like "Melee kill everyone without any alerts/close encounters/etc" or "accidental deaths only", etc, etc. There are a lot of fun rules you can make for various missions.
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  3. How many of us just rambo for fun?

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