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User Info: Nenina

5 years ago#1
So! Absolution is out. I played it for a few hours, and felt like I was a wanted criminal because it's always "Hey you, come over here!"

I heard that Blood Money gives Agent 64 more of that predator in his domain feel. So it's either Blood Money or Thief, both of which I've never played.

Please try to stay away from the apples oranges argument, unless I'm totally wrong on this. Hitman is about stalking your prey, wearing disguises ( that are supposed to work ), kacking the target, and getting the f out of there without anyone suspecting. Ideally.

I guess Thief would be some of the same, right? Except that he is not a contract killer. Except that reviews say that it's all about using your ears to hear doors and other clues, where Hitman is about 64's Instinct power.

Which would you say is the better game that captures this 'undercover' stalking sense.

User Info: thanthen

5 years ago#2
Hitman is about disguises, Thief is about stalking in the shadow. Hitman is about killing your mark, Thief is about stealing money and other items.
You don't really sneak in Blood Money, you do in Thief. Best best is to see youtube videos of each. They're both classics, but play differently. And they are dirt cheap too so really pointless to chose, get both.
Rock is fine, scissors are overpowered.

User Info: MysterPixel

5 years ago#3
Yeah, the key differences are as thanthen outlined: Thief is about thievery and stealth; Hitman is about killing the target and infiltration.

"Which would you say is the better game that captures this 'undercover' stalking sense."

There is a fair amount of stalking after your target in Hitman, although you don't really have to be that stealthy depending on what disguises you are wearing (that definitely fulfils the 'undercover' part though).
Thief on the other hand doesn't have a lot of stalking as such - most of the time your target loot is stationary and you just have to figure out getting there and back without being detected. You're avoiding people rather than following them.

They are both excellent though.

(it's Agent 47, not 64, by the way)
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