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User Info: porramerda

8 years ago#1
playing the game with keyboard and mouse is not easy. I need to skip the fight where the two ladies one in red the other in black. are fighting. Keys of keyboard not response well, 8 days about
4 hrs ,in same spot. I give up. Help to skip please. I see the fight in you tube (very nice).
Thank you

User Info: Battousai X

Battousai X
8 years ago#2
Learn how to time your counter-attacks with this enemy. She tends to delay some of her attacks. Just keep in mind how she attacks and you should not have too much problems.
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User Info: porramerda

8 years ago#3

Thank you, for your tip. Finally i win the fight and go forward,see you next time,after this gamei start playing the 2 thrones and get stuck in Arena (again camera problem).But i want finish this, them i go there. Nice games.

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