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A couple questions

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User Info: Overlord Hikash

Overlord Hikash
5 years ago#11
Chiba fully turned their lands over to me after four years. Maybe it was because of our Good Relations, or the Marriage alliance? Who knows.

User Info: BreachAndClear

5 years ago#12
Just won my game as Tokugawa. Very unexciting as I unintentionally avoided most of the early events.

I severed my marriage alliance with the Imagawa because I got impatient waiting forever for the maiden/retainer to die. But I canceled it too soon, so I didn't get any sons, and played the whole game without kin. I would have been screwed if Tokugawa had died.

Immediately after severing my alliance an event was triggered in which the Hojo made a 6-way alliance with the Uesugi, Imagawa, Amago, Hatano, and Miyoshi. Fortunately I was able to kessen the Hoji which turned all 6 of these clans into my vassals. I then threatened the Date and Ouchi into becoming my vassals, defeated the Mori, then challenged the Otomo to a Kessen and had to defeat the Shimazu and some of the weakling powers in Kyushu. Then I turned east and defeated the Nanbu who conquered everything north of the Date.

The Nanbu were SOOOO annoying, since as I was expanding west, they attacked me every turn. They failed every time, but it was still annoying that I had to mobilize an army to fight them every freaking turn. I wish there was an auto-resolve function for battles like in Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII.

There hadn't been any events in years, but then I finally got an event where the Buddhists on Mt. Hiei started to rebel and Nobunaga volunteered to suppress the rebellion. I rejected him and then the hermit from the beginning of the game (the one that tells you that you will rule all of the land) shows up and quells the riots of the monks on Mt. Hiei.

Once my alliance wore off with the Takeda I then challenged him to a kessen and won the game. While I controlled the shogun (Yoshiaki), I never became the Shogun myself, and the event that I got on all previous playthroughs in which I get the option of being Shogun or Regent never happened.

User Info: Kemjo83

5 years ago#13
Hey guys, I had another question regarding being the vasselage of another state. If you are a vassel of another Daimyo, how do you cut the ties without all of your generals losing loyalty? I know if you are stronger than your Lord, than you can put it on autoplay for a season and the computer will declare independance at no penalty. But how can you do it yourself without having to use the autoplay method?

User Info: BreachAndClear

5 years ago#14
I don't know. I was unaware that you could put it on autoplay without penalty. Anytime I break away, I just have to move some money around to my capital to pay off all my retainers to be loyal again.

User Info: Overlord Hikash

Overlord Hikash
5 years ago#15
Hojo Ujiyasu has united Japan. Shimazu put up as much a fight as he could... but it wasn't really noticeable. Though I tried every season to offer him a chance to surrender, he ignored it. Then the Daimyo all the way at the bottom of the island was left... and he wouldn't surrender either. So, he was crushed.

Narrowly avoided a Honnoji incident of my own. Once I knew it was coming, Mitsuhide just had to go.

So, what needs to occur for the player to be named Shogun?

User Info: Overlord Hikash

Overlord Hikash
5 years ago#16
Also, what's up with Watchtowers? Not the towers that defend your castle in battle, but the early-warning system. Enemy provinces always have them, but mine never show up. I have no idea how to build them.

User Info: BreachAndClear

5 years ago#17
I played through again as the Oda, but had Nobunaga retire in favor of Geni Maeda, because I wanted to see how being a monk vocation would affect the game...

Apparently monks cannot build colonies unless they are allied with or vassalize another daimyo that can. I don't know what the upside is for monks.

The Honnoji Incident event never triggered and Mitsuhide stayed with me the entire game and was the general that Geni goes horseback riding with in the shogun ending.

I was never given the option to become regent or shogun, instead I captured Yoshiaki Ashikaga from the Miyoshi and executed him. At the beginning of the next turn Geni declared that he had been named Shogun automatically.

This game, like my previous Tokugawa game, was really hampered by the Nanbu. After I reached a certain point, I was able to threaten the Mori, Ouchi, Arima, Shimazu, Okazaki, and Uesugi into vassalization. But the Nanbu NEVER accept. And while they had 10 provinces, they failed to achieve the rank of conqueror due to low fame. This meant that I had to pick them off one territory at a time rather than being able to challenge them to a kessen, and this was just SOOOOO time consuming and frustrating. I eventually just "cheated" by pulling all of my officers away from the Nanbu border and letting him take them over just so that I could kessen him.

The kessen system is a huge flaw in the game IMO, since it's more advantageous to let your enemy expand and become a conqueror rather than try to stop them. Otherwise you run into inconvenient situations where they are not big enough to kessen, but are still big enough and advanced enough (with keeps and himeji castles) to make repeated sieges difficult and time consuming.

There were times in which I would attack an enemy and destroy their army in the field, destroy the watch tower, and hope to siege the castle with cannons/field guns the next turn, but the watch tower was ALWAYS rebuilt the next turn. So I'd end up bringing cannons to a battle in the field, in which they are useless.

User Info: BreachAndClear

5 years ago#18
Also, it never ceases to be weird when I marry off Nobunaga's sister Ichi, who is like 12-13 when she comes of age, to some retainer that is in his 60s or 70s.

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