Badge Hunting FAQ v3.1

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User Info: SapphireOfChaos

7 years ago#1
As a side-warning, this topic MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. Reader's discretion is advised before continuing further in this topic.
Continue at your own risk!

(Use CTRL+F to quick-search for the section you are looking for, like if you were searching for the "Frequently Asked Questions" section, you would put "[frasqu]" into the search bar, without the apostrophes of course.)

1. About this FAQ [abtsfq]
2. How to "Hunt" for Badges [hthfbd]
3. Enemy Drop/Steal List [edrstl]
4. Frequently Asked Questions [frasqu]
5. Epilogue [epilog]

1. About this FAQ [abtsfq]

Okay, since the old topic like this got hit by archiving, I thought it would be best to start another one of these topics, considering how much more knowledge was gotten after I made the first topic than when it was archived, and then when I got the massive data overload (well, almost) from the second topic, and then the short-coming of the third FAQ that nearly perfected the technique, but died prematurely. Thus, the new generation of the third FAQ is upon us!

This is a topic where those who like badges, or like getting them, come. Here you can post your finds, your favorite strategies, your favorite badges to use, or help others who have questions about badge-hunting, like where specific badges are and how best to get them. If anyone has any questions about certain things involved with badge-hunting, then you can ask here, and we’ll try and help you with whatever your needs are.

The primary interest for a badge-hunter is fairly simple: to find badges, obviously... But, as far as it goes from there, it's not so much as just for badges alone, it's also to help build the best strategies you can come up with, such as hunting for the elusive P-Down D-Up to gain permanent invincibility from enemy attacks (as the DEF granted with this badge cannot be pierced by DEF-piercing moves) or the power-building P-Up D-Down (2 BP for a badge that can increase ATK without a downside except for DEF drop) or whatever else you might be interested in! Here, I will try to help you to achieve whatever badges and strategies you might need to succeed!

As for the introduction to actually becoming a badge-hunter, just follow the instructions below to become a Badge Hunter yourself!

User Info: SapphireOfChaos

7 years ago#2
2. How to "Hunt" for Badges [hthfbd]

As for how to get the badges, that might be the tricky part. Getting badge from drops are so uncommon, you may never see one in your entire gaming time of playing this. Fortunately, there is a faster way (MUCH faster): after chapter 4 is completed, you can go and do a trouble (at the Trouble Center, if you didn't realize that by now) for an "anonymous" person who needs help in finding "an Elusive Badge". The person you end up doing the trouble for is Ms. Mowz, the supposed "Badge Ninja" mouse (who just so happens to run the badge shop as well). To complete her trouble, you must scale Hooktail Castle, and go into the room where you fought Hooktail, and use Flurrie's wind-blowing move to reveal a chest with an "Attack FX B" badge (which you can't equip... yet). Once that's done, take it back to her atop the roof of Zess T.'s house. After giving her the badge (and finding out she was the one to hide the badge), she will join your party!

Now, despite her low stats (being one of the lowest max HP partners), her main use in this is her ability to sniff out items on the map (tells you when you're closer, or if there are any items in the area at all). Seems nifty, wouldn't you say? Well, her abilities for finding items CAN get better! In battle, for a measly 2 FP (best if you used Flower Saver P to drop that to a lowly 1 FP) to be able to steal items from enemies, and even badges as well! Now, the only problem would be to learn the timing for it, and after that, you can essentially become a badge-ninja just like her! After learning the mechanics, you can finally go and attempt at putting your skills to the test: BADGE-HUNTING!

User Info: SapphireOfChaos

7 years ago#3
3. Enemy Drop/Steal List [edrstl]

The next thing you're probably wondering is, "where can I find badges for me to steal?" Right? Well, good news! I have covered that information already, thanks to the toiling of myself and many other fellow dedicated badge-hunters on this very board! So far, the list for badges that are definitely able to be gotten, whether from stealing or after battle (as listed), is:

* - this enemy will ONLY drop this badge when a battle that involved them ends

All or Nothing -- Arantula*
Charge -- Any Hyper enemy*
Charge P -- Any Hyper enemy*
Close Call -- Goomba family, Koopatrol
Close Call P -- Goomba family, Koopatrol
Damage Dodge -- Red Chomp, Bulky Bob-omb*
Damage Dodge P -- Red Chomp, Bulky Bob-omb*
Defend Plus -- Bob-ulk, Bulky Bob-omb, Chain-Chomp
Defend Plus P -- Bob-ulk, Bulky Bob-omb, Chain-Chomp
Fire Drive -- Ember Family*, Hammer Bro*, Koopatrol*
Flower Saver -- Dayzee Family*, Piranha Plant*
Flower Saver P -- Dayzee Family*, Piranha Plant*
FP Drain -- Dark Puff*
FP Plus -- Poison Pokey*
Hammerman -- Dark Bristle*
Hammer Throw -- Hammer Bro, S. Buzzy family, Swoopula*
Happy Heart -- Koopa family
Happy Heart P -- Koopa family
Happy Flower -- Crazee Dayzee*
Head Rattle -- Fuzzy*
Heart Finder -- Shady Koopa
HP Plus -- Dark Koopa family, Gloomba family, Magikoopa, X-Naut, Dull Bones*
HP Plus P -- Dark Koopa family, Gloomba family, Hammer Bro, Magikoopa
HP Drain-- Swoop family*
HP Drain P-- Swoop family*
Ice Smash -- Ice Puff*, Frost Piranha*
Item Hog -- Dull Bones*
Jumpman -- Poison Puff*
Last Stand -- Flower Fuzzy, Hyper Goomba family
Last Stand P -- Flower Fuzzy, Hyper Goomba family
Mega Rush -- Dark Koopa family, Hammer Bro
Mega Rush P -- Dark Koopa family, Hammer Bro
Money Money -- Bill Blaster*, Dark Boo*
Multibounce -- Gloomba Family*, Goomba*, Parabuzzy*, Swampire*
P-Down, D-Up -- Dark Craw, X-Naut PhD
P-Down, D-Up P -- Dark Craw, X-Naut PhD
Pity Flower -- Frost Piranha*, Piranha Plant*
Power Jump -- Buzzy Beetle*
Power Plus -- Wizzerd family
Power Plus P -- Wizzerd family
Power Rush -- Koopa Troopa family, Shady Koopa
Power Rush P -- Koopa Troopa family, Shady Koopa
Power Smash -- Spania*, Spunia*
Pretty Lucky -- Bandit family, Gloomba family, Koopa Troopa family, Spinia family
Pretty Lucky P -- Bandit family, Gloomba family, Koopa Troopa family, Spinia family
P-Up, D-Down -- Dark Koopatrol, Elite X-Naut
P-Up, D-Down P -- Dark Koopatrol, Elite X-Naut
Quake Hammer -- Moon Cleft*
Refund -- Badge Bandit*
Shrink Stomp -- Buzzy Beetle*
Soft Stomp -- Spiky Goomba*
Super Appeal -- Dark Boo*, Goomba*, Magikoopa*
Super Appeal P -- Dark Boo*, Goomba*, Magikoopa*
Sleepy Stomp -- Boo*, Dark Puff*, Fuzzy*, Paragloomba*
Tornado Jump -- Lakitu*

(If you feel you want to add something to the list, just say so and we’ll add it to the list to be recognized!)

User Info: SapphireOfChaos

7 years ago#4
4. Frequently Asked Questions [frasqu]

As a badge-hunter, or maybe even before then, you may have had or still do have questions about all this. In this section, I will be answering some of the more basic questions that have been asked in multitudes before or I feel necessary to answer.

Q1. When is the soonest you can start Badge Hunting?
A1. You can start doing it as soon as you start playing the game! However, you aren't able to steal badges until you complete Ms. Mowz's trouble after you do Chapter 4.

Q2. What's the maximum amount of badges that you can have in your inventory at once?
A2. 200 badges total, which consists of 25 pages of 8 badges per page in-game.

Q3. Is there any limit to the amount of badges you can steal from a single enemy in a battle?
A3. To the best of my knowledge, no, there isn't. So long as you have the luck and will to continue stealing, you can get as many f its badges as you can steal from it.

Q4. There's an enemy that has a badge I want, but I can't steal from it because it's flying in the air! Is there any way I can get this badge from it?
A4. Unfortunately, since it's above the ground and out of Ms. Mowz's reach, I'm afraid you cannot steal the badge from it. However, you may be able to get it from a random drop after the battle has ended. Supposedly, equipping Item Hog increases the chances of the enemy dropping it's equipped badges or items.

Q5. Are badges the ONLY thing you can steal from enemies?
A5. Actually, no,they're not. During the process, you may or may not end up stealing random items and, very much likely, a great deal of coins in the process. You can either choose to use the items or sell them, but note that if your inventory is full, you can't steal any more items in that manner. Coins you can continue to steal even if you reach 999, but once you have 200 badges in your inventory, you will be unable to steal any badges as well, so be aware of how many you have on your person at all times during hunting!

Q6. Is there any way I can more copies of Double Dip?
A6. No, you cannot. For certain special kinds of ability badges and special effect badges, there are only a limited supply of in the game itself, such as Double Dip, Piercing Blow, and Zap Tap, etc.

Q7. Where do you think the best place to hunt badges would be?
A7. Well, unless you're looking for something specific, like Last Stands from Hyper Goombas and the like, your best bet would probably be in the Pit of 100 Trials. Generally, you'll probably come across a foe or two who actually has a badge on them, if not dropped after the battle.

User Info: SapphireOfChaos

7 years ago#5
Q8. Will equipping Item Hog actually increase the chances an enemy that ISN'T holding a badge will drop one?
A8. You know, I'm not entirely sure on this one myself. I've heard from others it helps, and with my own experiences, it doesn't help at all really, so I can't be too sure. Personally, though, I am in the firm belief that it does not increase your chances of getting one from an enemy that is not carrying one, and in fact LOWERS your chances of getting one from an enemy that doesn't have one due to its possible increase of item droprates from the other possible enemies in the battle.

Q9. Charge's description says that it can stack, but I've only found one of each in the entire game! Where can I get more of these badges?
A9. Fortunately, there are multiples of them, and they drop from Hyper enemies such as Hyper Goombas and Hyper Clefts. The bad news is, you can't steal them from them, and you must simply defeat them and hope it drops after a battle with one. Whether or not the enemy has to be Charge'd to drop it, I'm not too sure, but I would assume it would help.

Q10. Where else can I find information about badges and their inner workings?
A10. Check the FAQs and Guides around here on GameFAQs. They should definitely help to provide you with the information you need to succeed!

Hopefully, these will answer some of YOUR own questions too! If they have not been sufficient for your own self, feel free to ask here as well, and either I or another helpful member will answer your question at a later time!

5. Epilogue [epilog]

Well, that concludes about all the necessary information something like this may require. Remember: patience is the key to success! The very same applies to badge-hunting, so try not to lose hope if it takes too long for you to get what you want; you'll find what you're looking for in the end, I almost guarantee it! If not, don't feel bad; it may just be your luck, but know that I am hoping for the best in everyone's case in badge hunting!

Happy hunting!

User Info: X-Naut_P

7 years ago#6
Reporting for... nah, I'm teasing. Sticky request.

I think a more complete list could only be found in the game's coding.
"Let me clone you and then we'll ask if both of you are legit." -VeedChris

User Info: Hextator

7 years ago#7
Something I'd be happy to look into if I have the necessary resources. I possibly do, but don't count on that.

I dumped drop rates for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Unfortunately, that game's drop rates weren't as mystifying as this one, so it wasn't as comforting a task to accomplish...

User Info: marioman1154

7 years ago#8
I didn't know that you could use Kiss Thief on an enemy that doesn't have an item or badge next to it.....that is some quantum "schizzle" right there lol
Now I know what a meatball feels like!
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User Info: Hextator

7 years ago#9
I didn't either until recently. I read it somewhere (Chaos is probably the one who typed it) and tried it. After much patience I finally got something from an enemy "carrying nothing" and confirmed Kiss Thief's awesomeness.

User Info: LightningYoshi

7 years ago#10
Sticky requested.

Also, I knew of the magic power of Kiss Thief.

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