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User Info: cerase0

6 years ago#1
Okay, so a while back I came up with a theory that if you have the audience at max or close to max capacity the chances of you running into an Amazee Dayzee are much better. I never got to prove this theory but now I'm going to. So I started it off at the beginning of the Twilight path Lvl. 42.
This is the first half of my theory. Each round is from the broken tree to the mansion, and back to the tree.

Round 1...2 Amazee Dayzees
Round2...0 Amazee Dayzees
Round3...1 Amazee Dayzees
Round4...2 Amazee Dayzees
Round5...0 Amazee Dayzees
Round6...2 Amazee Dayzees
Round7....1 Amazee Dayzees
Round8....2 Amazee Dayzees
Round9....2 Amazee Dayzees
Round10...0 Amazee Dayzees

The Audience was kept around 180-200, and I never ran from a fight. I Lvled 4 times, and ran into 12 Amazee Dayzees. I will have the second half of my theory up a little later if not tomorrow. Feel free to try this out yourself and post you results!

User Info: CaptainIronic

6 years ago#2
Don't forget your control/countertest.

You need more tests with audience at around 100 or 0.
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User Info: JPKilla

6 years ago#3
Don't forget your control/countertest.

You need more tests with audience at around 100 or 0.

Seriously. Your findings are worthless if you're only testing one value of one variable.
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User Info: Wuigi

6 years ago#4
He says he's only done the first half, so perhaps he will test a 0 or 100 audience member run in the second half?
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User Info: cerase0

6 years ago#6
Sorry I had to run a few errands real quick. Of course I'm going to do a another test with audience as few as possible, and run from every battle. Like I said I will try to get it up later tonight or tomorrow...

User Info: cerase0

6 years ago#7
Okay well here is the second half of my theory. I kept the audience lower than 100 generally around the thirties, and ran from every battle. Here are the results.

Round1...1 Amazee Dayzees
Round2...0 Amazee Dayzees
Round3...0 Amazee Dayzees
Round4...0 Amazee Dayzees
Round5...1 Amazee Dayzees
Round6...1 Amazee Dayzees
Round7...2 Amazee Dayzees
Round8...0 Amazee Dayzees
Round9...1 Amazee Dayzees
Round10...0 Amazee Dayzees.

I ran into 6 Amazee Dayzees which is half of what I ran into with the audience at or close to max capacity.
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User Info: koopatroopa1015

6 years ago#9
I don't think it has a direct effect on how many show up. You said the chances are much better, but they're only double when the audience was nearly six times as full. It's widely accepted that the appearances of those are pretty random.

Interesting finding, though.
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User Info: cerase0

6 years ago#10
This needs more discuss, tell me your thoughts.

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