Favorite chapter?

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User Info: UltraCantaloupe

4 years ago#91
Dark_Koopatrol posted...
Who cares.

Samp prolly did.
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User Info: Dark_Koopatrol

4 years ago#92
LightningYoshi posted...
No, lying is bad, and you should feel bad.

That's what you think. But if someone wants to lie, let him/her.

User Info: LightningYoshi

4 years ago#93

Your Head
Would you like a side of JUSTICE with that?

User Info: SonofMetalGear

4 years ago#94
Keelhaul Key island reminds me of that seaport town in Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars
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User Info: Zero_Saber_X

4 years ago#95
Glitz Pit

-Wrestling references, especially for a diehard WCW / WWE fan like myself
-Rawk Hawk's theme, which sounds like a Fire Emblem boss theme
-Using the Power Potion (or whatever it's called to buff yourself) to troll the chapter boss...and then he trolls me with one more growth

User Info: Deletron

4 years ago#96
I love Chapter 4. The atmosphere is quite dark and the boss showdowns are particularly epic. I like to take on everyone in the last battle of the chapter, to string it out for as long as possible. :D
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User Info: Blazekicker27

4 years ago#97
It's been a while since I've played this but I remember liking Chapter 7 a lot. I think it might've been because of the epic moon base music.
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User Info: _Taidow_

4 years ago#98
Chapter 3 and Chapter 6 are my favorites.

... same with the Mario Parties...

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