Help me decide; Volke or Sothe

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User Info: bookwormbabe29

9 years ago#1
Reading the guides, Volke is the better, more logical choice. Still, I don't care for his "loner" type attitude for my team. Story wise, he feels weak ( granted, this is my first play through so I don't know his full background or what information he was supposedly hired to get).

Sothe looks to be a regular pain in the arse, with a lot starting level, hard to level up, and he doesn't promote. Still, I like his appearence better, and he seems like he will have more story around him. Plus, since he is the under dog, I feel compelled to train him with a full blown montage to prove he can kick butt.

My gut tells me I shoud just use Volke and stop my whining, but I keep looking for some, "redeeming quality" to use Sothe over Volke. Does volke get more story involved later? Does Sothe have a shot in hades of surviving long enough to gain decent growth?

Your opinions are welcome in this manner. Thank you for yoru time,

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User Info: GeradGerard

9 years ago#2
well... if you plan to get the sequel to this game then you might want to use sothe. we also find out barely anything about volke while sothe has way more character development. Volke turns out better endgame though...
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User Info: KingMeglion

9 years ago#3
Sothe's story is all in FE10. They're pretty even here, except that Sothe is an annoying kid while Volke is at least not there much outside of his plot scene or two.

Of course, I liked Volke better, given how Sothe just annoys me in general. Volke is also infinitely more useful in gameplay, since he doesn't have caps of 20. - Ask for UltraDude, the guy who hardly ever does anything useful.

User Info: gunslinger29

9 years ago#4
Honestly its personal opinion but i choose sothe most of the time due to the fact that he can cap stats with blossom at a reduce exp rate . The only problem i have with sothe is that he can't promote. Ultimately it all depends on whatever you want a character that can promote or a character that can be use as a utility role.

This is a good example of what sothe can do -_-

User Info: RPG_Fanatic7

9 years ago#5
Sothe has more character development? Unless you're going to play the sequel, Sothe only shows up in the story twice, s'far as I know, and they are both just info scenes, and one of them is when you recruit him.

Sothe is a pain in the ass, yeah. Without promotion most of his stats cap at 20, and his skill "Blossom" makes it so that he needs more then a just little more exp then he should just to get to level 20/0. Also, lets not forget Sothe is a thief, he can only use knives. Coupled with no promotion, the highest atk Sothe will ever get is 28, He wont do much damage to anything in the later chapters. In addition, Sothe wont get enough defense or evasion to be able to survive at all in the later chapters.

Basically, the only reason you should ever use Sothe is if you're doing it to get a transfer file for the sequel, or, if for some reason, you really, really like him. Even then, I would advise also using Volke because he rocks, and having two theifs might actually come in useful on some maps.

Volke on the other hand... well he doesn't exactly play a part in the plot himself, but... well I can't tell you, spoilers :p. His character does become very developed though.

After promotion, Volke becomes something like a swordmaster. He'll have great dodge and hit and he'll have low def and atk. He also gets a very awesome skill called "Lethality" which is instant death when it activates. He will be able to fight when he has to, he wont to a whole lot more damage then Sothe but he has enough evasion to survive and he has lethality.
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User Info: Kirsz

9 years ago#6
If you only intend to use Sothe to pick chests/steal (he even has trouble stealing), then use Sothe since you like him so much more. If you want to use him to fight and be unique (since you wanted to do a montage thing), then it's going to require ALOT of BEXP abuse. I recommend that you use the character that you like more, because it just doesn't feel right to have a guy on the field that you don't really like. The only person I don't like that I deploy is Tanith, because her reinforce skill is so damn fun to use.

User Info: FAQsofLife

9 years ago#7
Personally I use both, though I may cap Sothe off with bexp soon and stop bringing him along, haven't decided.

Volke is definitely the better unit, and I haven't beat the game yet, but so far he's been much more story involved, which makes me all the more glad I decided to use him. I use Sothe mainly to abuse him for RD transfer :d, but it doesn't really hurt to have him around as he can usually get ~90 xp just by stealing and attacking units that he can't kill (especially on enemy phase-- they go after him like he's delicious cake, which is also why I may drop him).

User Info: is_she_vital

9 years ago#8
one thing is for sure, if you're planning on using any other unit that comes in super under-levelled (mist and rolf, off the top of my head), you're going to find yourself extremely starved for BEXP if you use sothe. i tried to squeeze him and mist into the same team once, and it was a nightmare. even worse is that the chapter after sothe joins is full of crows that will double him and kill him in a second, and he's really hard to keep out of danger because of their range. as far as i know, he won't even hurt most enemies without some BEXP abuse for strength or an energy drop. and then, if you can actually get an enemy down to one hp and sothe is in a position to kill them, he will barely get any experience. i definitely recommend taking blossom off of him because he can't afford to have such small gains in EXP when he joins so late at lv 1. trust me, i love sothe's character. i just wish he was easier to use.

that being said, i wasn't really impressed by volke either. i've never gotten the appeal of assassins as fighters, because lethality isn't reliable enough for you to cross your fingers and hope it happens. the fact is that they just shouldn't be used as fighters because a lot of other units will be doing a much better job (considering that assassins are basically weak swordmasters). use them for thieves and try to keep them on par with the rest of your team so that they can defend themselves. or at least... that's my advice.

IMO, sothe is almost unusable. his only real advantage being that he doesn't charge you to open chests and doors. volke is better, but only because he's not a liability. he's a better fighter but he still isn't very good, and lethality isn't really good enough to warrant the use of an occult unless you absolutely can't think of anyone else who could use a mastery skill.

User Info: CrimsonFlash21

9 years ago#9
Strange... I always only need to give Sothe 3-4 levels of BEXP before he can hold his own. And he always ends up with better defenses than Volke. Who often gets Spd screwed for me. And yes, on this board, PEMN.
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User Info: kahnawake5

9 years ago#10
go with volke.
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