Regarding Shinon's re-recruitment...

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User Info: Distant_Rainbow

7 years ago#1
Is it required that Rolf must talk to him before Ike finishes him off?

If so...

Can anyone give me some pointers on how a totally untrained Rolf(lvl 1 Archer) can get close to Shinon and talk to him before getting skewered by all sorts of weapons(I'm particularly dreading those Blizzards)?
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User Info: PurgatoryKnight

7 years ago#2
Rolf has to talk to thim first, yes.

Have someone tank Shinon within Rolf's movement range, and then solve from there.
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User Info: oniskieth

7 years ago#3
He somebody lure Shinon out, then surround him. Then if the blizzard people are a problem, go kill them while Shinon is surronded. When the threats are dead, have Rolf talk to him then kill him with Ike.
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User Info: i_miss_Narga

7 years ago#4
It's easier on NM than HM, since I think there is an extra long range user on HM. If you are on NM, just make use of Reyson and send 2 or 3 durable mounted units in there along with Rolf and they can KO the one long range guy (I think he's bottom right corner of that area on NM) and Rolf will be out of danger since there isn't enough room for the other enemies to get by. Have Rolf and Shinon chat, Ike KO, two mounted units block and KO the ranged tome user, problem solved. With a leveled Rolf its even possible to steal the ranged tome, but this way its too difficult to get the tome and talk to Shinon without giving him opportunity to crit with his brave bow.
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User Info: tmbjr_05

7 years ago#5
I didn't even touch Rolf on my last playthrough...when I came to this chapter, I left Rolf behind while Ike and friends clear out the tunnel of bad guys. Rhys, magical tank that he is, stood just outside Shinon's attack range absorbing all 5 Blizzards. I then had Shinon attack Brom while I started moving Rolf up. Once I had Shinon surrounded, just make and opening for Rolf, talk to Shinon, and then procede to wtfpwn him with Ike (preferably with an Aether for style points. :D)
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User Info: Tinto

7 years ago#6
When in doubt, shove and rescue are your friends.

User Info: alfredo094

7 years ago#7
If it's too much trouble don't bother. Shinon has such a bad availability and bases it's not worth the effort of going with a lv 1 archer.
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User Info: Distant_Rainbow

7 years ago#8
Aye, but I have this obsession in FE games that it has to be a perfect playthrough, except when it's a playthrough with a certain theme. So I try to recruit every single character and keep them alive except in those themed runs. I still have a bad memory of forgetting to check the Info menu before Ch. 25, clearing it and saving afterwards, thus missing Largo(not that I wanted to use him; anyway I was especially, and actually, lamenting the loss of his Short Axe).
Currently believing myself to be the best F-ZERO GX racer in all of S. Korea.
(not that it is very popular, anyway)

User Info: noillacspaR

7 years ago#9
Very easily done, simply rescue with a large movement range character, get into then on the turn when you reach Shinon drop off rolf with said character, use Reyson to refresh rolf, talk, kill and then re-rescue. Done
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User Info: thebomberisgood

7 years ago#10
Talk to Shinon with Rolf, have someone rescue him (like Soren or someone with high resistance), or get Reyson's chant involved somehow.
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  3. Regarding Shinon's re-recruitment...

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