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Workbench components?

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User Info: jago107

9 years ago#1
When you break down items at the workbench, is there any way to get more components from each item you break down? It seems I get 1 component for every item I break down, granted, I'm only on Telos and haven't gotten very far into the game. I'm pretty sure it has to do with a certain skill, but which one I'm not sure. Anyone know?
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User Info: kyle78

9 years ago#2
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User Info: mark632

9 years ago#3
The number of components received whenever any party member breaks down items at a workbench is determined by the Repair skill of the party leader. With only three brief (and not particularly convenient) exceptions, the Exile is always the party leader when a workbench is available. So raise your Exile's Repair skill and you will soon be swimming in components.

A Repair of 20 will give you maximum efficiency when breaking down items, but you don't have to invest 20 points into Repair to achieve this. Anything that increases your Repair skill either directly or indirectly (by increasing your Intelligence modifier), such as special equipment and the Master Valor force power, will add points to Repair for the purposes of breaking down items.

User Info: rndmguitarist

9 years ago#4
Which is interesting it goes off of the leader, considering that when any party member uses the workbench and makes an item, it goes off their skill.

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