Cheap Way To Beat Handmaidens

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User Info: jrmick

9 years ago#1
***POSSIBLE SPOILERS*************
...cover your eyes
...alright I warned you

Hi, my first post on here, so go easy on me...

I don't know if this glitch has been covered before but when you go to the secret academy at the Telos pole for the first time after dealing with the Czerka/Ithorian mess you encounter the handmaidens for the first time. You can agree to spar with them, and after beating the first one three times, they step it up to 2 on 1 and finally 5 on 1. If you can win this extremely hard final fight you get 750 XP, a rather disappointing reward, but you also get the satisfaction of knowing you won. Yay *^_^*

Now the final 5 on 1 fight is extremely tough.

So here's an extremely cheap, but extremely effective way to beat them. (again don't know if this has been covered before). Additionally this works for all the handmaiden fights, including your fights against your party character...

First, charge the handmaiden and do an attack. I prefer flurry since it seems to hit well. Once you do damage, save. Wait until you get killed, saving whenever you do damage. When you get killed load the game. NO MATTER WHAT VP you have, your VP will be restored to something like 80 to 90 percent. Better yet, if you pause immediately after loading you can get a free attack in, before all the handmaidens pound you.

Repeat this boring and cheap process for an hour or two and you'll have beat them all.

Additionally I found another slightly faster way to beat the last 5. Follow the process outlined above to knock one out of the battle. When she walks to the corner of the arena get as close to the edge as possible and save. Load the game. You may end up outside the arena slightly. But you won't be disqualified. Now you can run towards the door. The handmaidens will stupidly follow you, running out of the arena...all getting DQ'ed.

Yes both above methods are glitch exploitation and cheap.

However, as I'm not leveling my characters up until I make them jedi (and not leveling the main character up until I get my named crystal) I can only *possibly* beat them by such cheap methods. I consider it a necessary evil.

Well this was long, but I hope it helps some of you...

User Info: Oemenia

9 years ago#2
Unfortunately, im passed the place, what do you get for beating them?
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User Info: Daubechies4

9 years ago#3
(and not leveling the main character up until I get my named crystal)

Why not? What do you stand to gain by doing that?
I'm asking sincerely, by the way; I'm unaware of any advantage to this.

User Info: MagisterMagica

9 years ago#4
1. You get some experience for defeating the Handmaidens, but nothing special.

2. There is absolutely NO point to holding Main Character levels. Your crystal will end up the same either way. It's stat bonuses are related to your alignment, not level.

User Info: GreatAnubis

9 years ago#5
The TYPE of stat bonuses on your crystal are related to your alignment. The amount of them is based on your level. The amount, however, is based on your character level and not how much you have leveled up while having it in your possession, so saving levels is completely useless.
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User Info: jrmick

9 years ago#6
Alright, I swear I read in one of the faqs that you get 1 crystal level for every three levels you advance *with the crystal equipped* or a major alignment shift. I'll reread the lightsaber faq I guess.

Thanks for the advice!

But yea... I still want to save my other characters for Jedi leveling.

I know some would consider it useless or argue that the class feats (ie. scout feats, etc.) would be better, but I prefer Jedi...

User Info: 2_good_4_u

9 years ago#7
But you start off as a jedi...
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User Info: jrmick

9 years ago#8
Of course 2_good, but the other characters don't. For that reason I was only leveling Kreia/Visas/droidy as painful as that is...

Like I said my reason for holding off w/ the main character is I read somewhere that every three levels ONLY WHEN HOLDING the crystal in your lightsaber your crystal be leveled up by Kreia. That may be untrue, but I haven't heard a definitive answer, just different people saying different things.

For the record, I checked the lightsaber crystal faq and it did not tell exactly how you level up or the mechanics, it just set you could and gave the stats for each level.

User Info: FableAvo7291

9 years ago#9
I KNOW an easier way to beat them... All I do is run into them until they back up off the mat =D and if they dont back up attack once then run into them!!!!
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User Info: Darren_Sproles

9 years ago#10
All i did was run into a corner.They try to surround you and bump each other off the mat. So I only ended up fighting two of the five >_>
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