Handmaiden fight

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User Info: 1stShadowRider

8 years ago#1
My character is a sentinel, and the primary stat I've been building on is Dexterity, and I can't even win the first Handmaiden fight because my strength is low. Aren't sentinels more for force powers and stealth? Guardians are the one for direct combat, NOT SENTINELS! So what do you suggest I do? Start building on strength now? (Even though it's pointless since sentinels are more suited for using force powers then attacking directly)

User Info: MagisterMagica

8 years ago#2
Uh.... Consulars are the ones suited to using Force Powers, not Sentinels. Sentinels are the skill experts. Stealth is more for Watchman/Assassin, paired with Sneak Attack bonuses.

User Info: 1stShadowRider

8 years ago#3
Exactly my point, guardians are more suited for direct combat, and sentinels are given more skills. But honestly, I cannot hit the damn handmaiden at all and I'm thinking about just leaving Telos cause it's pissing me off.

User Info: dronemc

8 years ago#4
The reward for beating them all is something paltry - 700 exp. I think. Just leave, it's not worth it.
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User Info: 1stShadowRider

8 years ago#5
I know sentinels are mainly for skills, but is there ANY benefit from playing as one?

User Info: Leet693

8 years ago#6
They fight better then a consular and wield the focre better then guardians also there skills allow them to get more experience then non-skill oriented classes

User Info: Lory1239

8 years ago#7
Idk why ppl play with their sentinels at such low strength. I started my character with 16 strength. Rly made a difference in the difficulty of sparring and the like lol

User Info: Leet693

8 years ago#8
^^^ That was a waste of 4 points you could have used in other attributes

User Info: onefaceinthesea

8 years ago#9
Yeah, strength is really only useful for these naked sparring sessions. Damage is the easiest modifier to come by in the game, and Dexterity is much more useful to increase your attack than Strength is.

If you're absolutely a perfectionist, you could always save after every round, and reload if you don't hit her. You always have at least a 5% chance to hit, no matter what, so you'll get there eventually.

User Info: DeathNotice

8 years ago#10
One of the times I fought her, she was pretty badly hurt when I last used her in my party, so my Exile hit her once and won the fight.

You could try letting her get hurt outside of the ship, then fight her.
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