Quickest ways to get a lightsaber.

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User Info: tyval

8 years ago#1
Fastest I've found in to go to Nar Shadda first after Telos, have Handmaiden dance for Vogga and raid his storeroom, return to the ship and beat Visas. Lightsaber right there. I usually then go to Dantoonie for crystals. Has anyone found an even faster way?

User Info: legolas95

8 years ago#2

I like to go to Dantooine first, the crystals make it worth it. And for some reason I got my lightsaber fastest there.

User Info: Maverick5

8 years ago#3
I usually don't go to Dantooine until after I finish Nar Shadaa. I like to be a high level before I go there in hopes of getting better crystals in the cave/ salvagers. Plus the sublevel sucks if you're still a lower level (especially on hard difficulty)

User Info: Ghostfeet

8 years ago#4
I tend to go to Nar Shadaa first to get my saber too.
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User Info: JamesJimmothy

8 years ago#5
there's a light way and a dark way, but not that much different

Light: Help the ithorians, get a piece from visas, another piece by raiding Vogga's storage
(note: you can also replace either the 2nd or 3rd by helping Lootra find his wife)

Dark : exactly the same, but instead of helping Lootra, kill him and raid his corpse

and if you use the steps maybe as - ithorians, visas, lootra, then if you raid vogga's storage, you'll find a full lightsaber, the same with any piece gaining quest if you have a blade already
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User Info: cubank1ng305

8 years ago#6
Well i go to dantooine to get the 2nd lightsaber fixture after the ithorians give the first one to
me then i go o narshadda for a bit find out attons path to get the last lightsaber fixture from visa

User Info: Maverick5

8 years ago#7
you can kill Lootra without getting darkside points. First talk to him and tell him you'll look for his wife. then exit. then talk to him again, and tell him you'll kill him where he stands or whatever. I do this and Visas everytime first thing when I land on Nar Shadaa and viola! instant lightsaber.

User Info: witchzenka

8 years ago#8
That's not going to work for everyone. Vogga's hoard doesn't always contain a lightsaber piece.
Out of 16 playthroughs, he's only not had it twice for me, but he definitely doesn't always have it.
-Zenka, Weeble Queen

User Info: Brother Maynard

Brother Maynard
8 years ago#9
Vogga's horde always contains either:

a) A Lightsaber piece


b) A full Lightsaber because your saber is already built/have all the parts.

-Brother Maynard

User Info: witchzenka

8 years ago#10
No, it most assuredly does not. This has been playtested hundreds of times - literally - for the lightsaber.txt, and it doesn't. Usually, but not always.
You're mistaken.
-Zenka, Weeble Queen

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