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User Info: Wman02

8 years ago#1
What is the best prestige class; my opinion is:

1. Sith Marauder: does lots of damage and takes less. Fury + master speed= quick kills. With a Consular as the starting class, gets the best of fighting and force powers.

2. Jedi Weapon Master: similar to Sith Marauder, but slightly better defensively and not as good with the force (dark siders are better against groups of enemies).

3. Sith Assassin: lower defense and not all that much HP, but a good force user and level 10 sneak attack is great for first hits and against stunned enemies. Also gets lots of skills.

4. Sith Lord: only gets prestige sense, but lots of force points and can just spaz Storm, Insanity, and force Crush to kill everything.

5. Jedi Watchman: has better defense than the Sith Assassin and a lot of skills, but can't use the force as well and only gets sneak attack 7.

6. Jedi Master: only gets prestige sense, some skills, and can't go on the offensive like the Sith Lord can. Is basically a support character.

For base classes, if you are going to be a Jedi Weapon Master, the best class is probably a Sentinel; gets more skills that way. For anything else, be a Consular (you will need Force Focus).
Dark siders are better force users; so even the Sith marauder benefits from force focus a lot.

User Info: Brother Maynard

Brother Maynard
8 years ago#2
Sith Lord/Jedi Master < Everything else

Honestly, I'd rather go the whole game as a consular than switch to either of those craptastic classes. After that it just depends on whether I'm going LS or DS and who I decide to be in my primary party.

-Brother Maynard

User Info: AoENIAC

8 years ago#3
It really depends on what you started as.

Is there something about the way I type that makes it sound angry? Maybe it's just something about the way you read.

User Info: JamesJimmothy

8 years ago#4
People stereotype that the Lord/Master prestige is the worst one.
That isn't true, they just can't make a good build to fit it or something like that, but that class has always worked great for me.

User Info: mark632

8 years ago#5
The Sith Lord and Jedi Master are the weakest classes in the game, period. You can beat the game with any class combination so the fact that you managed to beat the game with either proves nothing. The bottom line is that they are weaker forcecasting classes than the Consular (which is indefensible) and they add nothing to weapon-based combat abilities or skills.

User Info: AndyKennedy

8 years ago#6
force lightening, force wave and force jump are my favorite abilities. I honestly don't care which class is "technically" the best because I don't play this game for the math.
I hate ANYBODY who uses the words 'feh' or 'meh' on the internet.

User Info: dronemc

8 years ago#7
I honestly don't care which class is "technically" the best because I don't play this game for the math.

That's a valid playing philosophy to have. We don't care how you play the game; just don't go claiming that the Jedi Master/Sith Lord prestige classes are statistically "better" than the other choices and all the math-heads and I here will largely leave you alone.
I feel the end is near, my little Monday night whore.
My little Saturday night, became a Sunday remorse.

User Info: JamesJimmothy

8 years ago#8
The Sith Lord and Jedi Master are the weakest classes in the game, period

I don't get it, that's not true. If people made a better build maybe they would think different. But Master/Lord is undoubtedly equel

User Info: dronemc

8 years ago#9
It's not about builds, James. It's that the Sith Lord and Jedi Master prestige classes bring nothing useful to the table, and actually reduce the utility of a thing or two that was already there with the base class.

Looking at the individual class features:

For some reason, both JM and SL have a slower the base defense progression rate from the Jedi Sense feat - that is, your defense improves faster as a Guardian, Sentinel or Consular than as a Master or Lord.

Both classes provide the highest force point progression in the game, but by character level 17 or so, a fully LS Guardian/Weapon Master with a Charisma of 10 has enough FP to spam Force Storm or other offensive powers until all his opponents are dead. By the time you leave Telos, if you're running out of force points in a battle, it's because of the tactical choices, not because you don't have enough to begin with.

The JM's and SL's class feats - Light Side Enlightenment and Dark Side Corruption - push their follower's alignments farther along towards light and dark mastery, respectively. This would be neat if it had any practical effect at all in the game, but since your followers don't get the benefit of alignment mastery it has absolutely no utility in-game.

(Side note: I know their character sheets say that your followers get the mastery bonuses, but check the combat logs and you'll see that the bonuses are not applied. This is probably yet another glitch.)

Their class powers - Inspire Followers and Crush Opposition - are a buff and debuff, respectively, that are rendered moot by the availability of Battle Meditation. By the time you get access to either IF - which only affects you allies - or CO - which only affects your enemies - BM will be buffing your team and debuffing your enemies simultaneously. For either of these powers to outperform BM in their specific functionality, you'll have to be level 17 in your prestige class, which means at least level 32 total. In a non-glitch playthrough, you won't hit that until roughly Malachor V. Master BM, by contrast, is available at character level 18, which means you can use it for a majority of the game.

Their accelerated force power progression is nice, but not necessary. Once you master Speed, Heal, an offensive power, and a Stunning power, which can be done by level 18 there's not a lot else that you need. Force Confusion, Valor, etc., are all fun to play with, but they're hardly necessary. Besides, from character level 16-30, JM or SL will get a total of 6 more powers than Weapon Master, Watchman, Marauder or Assassin.

While the classes' alignment mastery bonus for LS (+3 Wisdom) is somewhat useful, it's not enough to form the basis for a prestige class choice, especially given the plethora of wisdom enhancing gear and the other drawbacks of the classes. Their DS mastery bonus (+ 50 force points) is almost laughably useless.

Their class features don't add anything, and their powers and feats are of limited utility. As such, JM and SL offer the least benefit of any of the available prestige classes.
I feel the end is near, my little Monday night whore.
My little Saturday night, became a Sunday remorse.

User Info: JamesJimmothy

8 years ago#10
Well I like them and they're good, no matter what you say. That's my story and I'm sticking to it

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