Help with ridiculous puzzle math problem in 2nd trip to dxun/onderon

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  3. Help with ridiculous puzzle math problem in 2nd trip to dxun/onderon

User Info: GameCoder

8 years ago#1
This is really annoying. I'm up to 20 tries now on this puzzle and I still can't chose what the game wants.

For anyone not familiar, The puzzle is the one on the computer where you have to chose the operators -,+,x, / in order to solve the equation (8_2)_8_9_1 = 13.

There are 2 possible answers and for some reason, the game only chooses one randomly when you try to solve it. If there's only 2 possible answers, it should be a 50/50 chance of getting it but 0/20+ is definitely not a 50/50 chance! It's just very frustrating.

Anyone had this problem?

User Info: dronemc

8 years ago#2
When you put the operator sequence in the correct order, either division or multiplication will work in the last spot. The game seems to randomly decide which it will accept on a random basis, though.

You appear to have just hit a run of tremendous bad luck. Just keep reloading and trying to same operator in the last slot, and eventually you'll get it.
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User Info: GameCoder

8 years ago#3
Thanks for the reply. I found out from other forums that it can be sometimes become a permanent bug in your game / save where in when you put the first answer and it's wrong, it'll think the other answer as wrong too no matter what. I decided to reload a previous save before entering the tomb and when I got to the terminal, I inputted the answer and it finally took it as the right one.

Also, I just found out that it's IMPOSSIBLE to get Kreia to lvl 50 in this game. Not because of what happens or if there will indeed something happen but the fact that she could get ALL the force powers when she gets to lvl 49 prevents her from reaching 50 (except for the 3 mind abilities that can only be learnt by the main character).

As usual, when you level up, you are forced to spend your force power points into a new ability and you can't exit and lvl up without doing it. But since Kreia learns all the force powers that she could learn at lvl 49, you can't make her learn any powers any more and thus, you are stuck at the power selection screen...Can't do anything cept go back and accept that she's always going to be weaker than any of her companions in this game...levelwise...

User Info: DarthRLink

8 years ago#4
^did you try a simple auto-level?
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User Info: ArchedEnemy

8 years ago#5
Yes, auto-level is the way to do that. It also works if you've done a FLU or cross class and end up with every feat.

As for the math problem, if I'm right it changes every other time you visit the tomb, no matter what save file you're playing on. This creates a lot of frustration because someone will use one solution and get it wrong, then they reload and try the other only to still get it wrong because the game just swapped which answer it's accepting. The solution is to reload and use the same answer again.
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User Info: GameCoder

8 years ago#6
XD. I never thought of doing Auto Level up. I never used that feature ever on both games. Thanks for the advice! It felt incomplete without getting kreia to lvl 50. I'll do just that when I get home tonight! ^^.
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  3. Help with ridiculous puzzle math problem in 2nd trip to dxun/onderon

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