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User Info: kaleban21

7 years ago#1
Ok, so mostly everyone knows that a Consular/Marauder is the super-duper power build.

However, I'm wondering what a build that would be closest to the "canon" story would play out like.

First the base class. From what I've read, she wasn't a Guardian, as Kavar says he wishes she had been. She probably isn't a Consular, since she's described as a Force User of average ability. So I'm guessing a Jedi Sentinel.

Obviously, she's going to be a light-sider, and train up all the party members as Jedi.

As for combat, I think she's mainly going to be a melee'er, although I'm not sure on this point. It doesn't seem like she would use any dark side techniques. Given that I guess she'd end up being a Weapon Master as the prestige class, although a Watchman would make sense as well. Kind of a tough call here. The one side benefit to being a Sentinel/Watchman is the skills, since the other characters (even Bao-Dur) will be trained as Jedi at the earliest opportunity, that leaves only T3-M4 as the skill bot. Definitely like some input on the prestige class.

With regards to the lightsaber, its gonna have to be a single saber dueler build. Unless someone has a more "canon" idea?

As for powers, one of the definite ones is going to be the Stasis line, using the stun and then Sneak Attack will be nice. All the buffing powers, and avoid any DS techniques like the plague. The two exceptions to this rule MIGHT be Drain Force, as that kind of fits in with the Exile's "feeding" story, and possibly Force Storm, or as the lightsiders call it, "Electric Judgement." Still not sure if that's canon though.

As for attributes, I was thinking of going 8 in Strength, 14s in the rest, and adding points to Wisdom whenever I can. This would allow the offensive Stasis and Destroy Droid powers to almost always hit. I'd probably also add enough points into Con to get it to a natural 18 for the D implants.

So, what do you think?

User Info: JamesJimmothy

7 years ago#2
there is no canon build. lightsaber color, attributes, skills and feats all decide that and your the one who decides those. Besides, Kavar only says that if you hadn't chosen guardian as your class
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User Info: Gogsh

7 years ago#3
Canon involves things that can't be done in game sadly, like taking the handmaiden with you,

if you want to try though the official model of her is white,brown hair with a single Cyan Lightsaber
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User Info: BattleAxeRX

7 years ago#4
a canon jedi would have very high defense because usually if an attack lands, it's game over(in the movies)
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User Info: AoENIAC

7 years ago#5
It's hard to tell what the "canon" storyline is because the game affords you so much freedom. We only have canon for the first KOTOR because Revan got cameos and references in other Star Wars related official/semi-official media.

So until some sort of KOTOR III or other Star Wars game/media references the Exile, there's no real official canon for the Exile.

BY THE WAY, has that happened already? KOTOR and KOTOR II are really the only Star Wars themed games I play extensively, so I wouldn't know. There seems to be some general consensus around here that the official Exile is a woman, and I have no idea what this is referring to and just go with it.

Anyway, even without a canon Exile, we can make some pretty educated guesses based on how the Exile would behave if it was a character in a cheesy Star Wars movie.
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User Info: TetraShiva

7 years ago#6
Canon Exile is a Light Side Female.

LA handed down the verdict some time ago. Kind of like the prequels, it sorta ruined it for me. Now I can't play a male Exile without a little voice in my head saying, "You know, this isn't canon." Doesn't mean I still don't do it, but that little voice is a pain in the butt.

Kind of like how when I watch the original trilogy now, I can't help but occasionally think that Vader was once some whiny kid with Jar-Jar Binks as a friend. Anyway...

The only official canon is what I mentioned. Looks, companions, etc have not been said to be canon or not. They just wanted to get the gender down for pronoun usage, and light side because... well, y'know.

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