Duplicate Lightsaber Glitch?

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User Info: Coltonius

7 years ago#1
In the Cheats section there is a cheat that says you can use a duplicate lightsaber glitch to get infinite crystals. How is this done?
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User Info: Nintendo_Porn

7 years ago#2
- take t3 and visas with you out of the ebon hawk.

- equip visas with a lightsaber

- change the color crystal on her saber using t3

- go back into the lightsaber change menu and press equip again. (Nothing else)

- Now there should be a glitched lightsaber in your inventory. You will have to save and load the game immediately to replace this glitched extra saber with a legit one.

Correct me if i got it wrong guys...been awhile since i played.

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User Info: lostsoul1964

7 years ago#3
It doesn't have to be T3. You can do this at any workbench as long as you have another party member with you who can equip a lightsaber. I prefer to do it when i'm off the Ebon hawk, so I can duplicate the Exile's lightsaber.
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User Info: mu695

7 years ago#4
Here is a better way
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