is it worth it?

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User Info: dberg9292

10 years ago#1
project: snowblind, does it have any replay value after the initial campain in finished. does it ahve online, or just split screen muliplayer with bots? is it really a game that is worth getting?

User Info: lazyhoboguy

10 years ago#2
campain is fun, it does have online, i heard its good but havent had a chance to try it yet

User Info: lazyhoboguy

10 years ago#3
o and i have tried online now its very fun, i like it better than killzon online, only problem is its hard to find people online project snowblind, this game is definitely worth getting

User Info: Fig455

9 years ago#4
I just got it for XBOX...this game ROXXX. NO joke. It is an absolute blast. Best action FPS I have played in months.
If Deus Ex were a drug, I'd be strung out from here till doomsday. _ DX Chick

User Info: jeyjay

9 years ago#5
guys wanna play online? i just got it and no one is on. what time should I get on?

User Info: jeyjay

9 years ago#6
i have the ps2 version btw

User Info: Voluntas

9 years ago#7
Its only $4.99 used at Gamestop, so I picked it up recently.

Although I haven't played all through it yet, it seems like a solid sci-fi style FPS. The only major gripe I have so far is that the melee attack is defaulted to the L3 "clicker" which is very uncomfortable for me. But it seems you can remap the buttons, unless I am mistaken.

I definitely think its worth getting, or at least trying out, especially at that price.

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