question about trl controls

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User Info: katiekat3001

7 years ago#1
i wanted to know if i can use a controller on trl for the pc copy does anyone know?

Pleas pardon my spelling and grammar am dyslexic and have a reading disablaty thanks

User Info: JoveHack

7 years ago#2
It looks like TRL natively supports a game controller on the PC, judging by this post from last February.

"How's this play on PC?"

citronvand posted on 2/2/2010 at 11:13 AM "I suggest you get it for the PC and use a gamepad, 360 Gamepad works great for this, Anniversary and Underworld, you don't have to config it at all, just select gamepad in options and it works like a charm."

"But if you do get it for the PC you must have a good gamepad, I'm sure other gamepads work great if you don't want to give $$$ to satansoft but usually the console gamepads (360, PS3) are superior (they can be used on a PC with proper equipment)."

Jove the Sleep Depraved. Primal Wiki:
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  3. question about trl controls

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