Missable enemies in FF2

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User Info: Mr_Jingles

9 years ago#1
I know this has been posted heaps, but i can't for the life of me find a list of them in any FAQs. I even used to have my own list I made but i've lost that too.
Any help is appreciated thanks.

User Info: silktail

9 years ago#2
Here's the mini-guide which I made for enemies and items:

Last appearance of Enemies that can be permanently missed.

Found before the encounters on the overworld change:-
~At Sea => 40:Killer Fish. 42:Helldiver. 45:Buccaneer. 52:Sea Snake.
~Palamecia Desert => 31:Antlion. 54:Land Ray.
~Land between Fynn & Palamecia Desert => 11:Phorusracos.

Found in Palamecia Castle:- 22:Skull. 71:Eyemoeba. 91:Black Knight. 94:Stone Golem. 106:General.

(Note: Half of these should appear fairly often and would be difficult to miss normally!)

Items which are possible to fully miss and their chest locations.
Dreadnought: Sleep Blade, Dark bow, Main Gauche.
Leviathan: Gaia Blade.
Paul's House: Blood Sword.
Cyclone: Ripper *, Defender *.
Palamecia Castle: Sun Blade *.

* = Alternatively possible to get these from a limited enemy, or boss (as below).

Limited occurring enemies, with limited items (i.e. only a small number can be obtained elsewhere).
Gottos: Ripper.
Royal Guard: Poison Axe, Unicorn Horn.
Black Knight: Sun Blade.
General: Spider's Silk, Diamond Gloves, Rune Axe.

One time bosses, with limited items (i.e. only a small number can be obtained elsewhere):
Emperor: Diamond Armour, Defender.
Astaroth: White Robe, Spider's Silk.

User Info: kamikaze_NOW

9 years ago#3
Some of the low-lvl items are miss-able too. The only one I'm sure of is Mythril Knife, the only monster that drops it is Borgen. And once the world changes past a certain event, all of the old shops will be removed, leaving you unable to buy anymore of it (in a particular file I noticed it was the only item I am missing).

Not sure about the others, but it is very likely that some of the old items that the weapon/armor vendors sell are miss-able.

User Info: silktail

9 years ago#4
all of the old shops will be removed, leaving you unable to buy anymore of it

Good point. I'll have to look into which ones.

In the past I used to put a disclaimer, that no-one had checked over those notes. I guess I should of left it in there. ;)

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