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User Info: rking

7 years ago#1
I decided to play through this game again since I had it just sitting there and it's been a while, I somewhat randomly picked the above party and started my way through. After just over 2 hours I've reached the Cavern of Earth at level 22 and things keep dying quickly, usually after just one hit, it's rather boring.

I do understand this version's far easier than the NES/PSX ones but I only have access to this at the moment. Anyhow, could someone suggest a party that'll provide more of a "challenge" yet still be able to clear the optional dungeons since those are interesting enough to play through? I don't have any specific concerns regarding multiple characters or even having 4 living party members, just something less...boring? than my above party. Thanks for any suggestions.
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User Info: Paromin

7 years ago#2
Solo Red Mage

User Info: GhostofStarman

7 years ago#3
That party is my absolute favorite in DOS (the only black magic spells I really like are Temper and Haste, which the Thief gets when he class changes).

This to me is the only version where each character is really useful and you can't go wrong picking a party. That and the game being so easy anyways, it's tough to have a challenge. Even solo characters probably wouldn't be that hard.

Some of the bosses in the bonus dungeons are tough. That's about the only difficulty you'll have. That and trying to find all the hidden items and bonus equipment, which is more time consuming than hard.
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User Info: rking

7 years ago#4
I was thinking of using a Red, White, and Black Mage, with a dead fourth character, The Red Mage's usefulness would last through the early game up until the White and Black Mages become useful, then he's at least useful as another target. I could imagine this party being rather expensive but by the time it would matter gold pours in from everywhere so it would work I think.
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User Info: astrobat07

7 years ago#5
You can do all white mages

User Info: gaara999999

7 years ago#6
Fighter, Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage.

Kill everything but the RM at level 1 and solo with RM until class change so that you get higher stats with your other chars (RM gets same stats before and after CC)
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User Info: RealmIyce

7 years ago#7
You want challenge? do this:

Thief, Thief, Red Mage, Red Mage.

The Thieves are fast attackers but do less damage, and have less survivability than the Warriors and Monks. Even at Ninja if you choose to upgrade, they still cant match the raw attack power of a Warrior or Monk.

The Red Mage's will never learn the best magic, so you'll be stuck using sub-par heals, buffs, and damage spells.

This team provides a steady challenge, while at the same time being just good enough to finish the game.
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User Info: Ecclesiastes273

7 years ago#8
Really? I see two decent single-target healers and four Temper users. I agree it's a decent challenge for a while, but once they become Ninjas, they're quite beefy in both defense and offense-they may be slightly behind, but they're still quite good They also learn Temper/Haste to boot. I'd even say that two Warriors and two Reds might be more difficult, due to a lack of useful utility magic on Knights, and more difficulty in fleeing from randoms.

One idea I always had is to have four red Mages. One with purely White Magic, one with purely Black, one with a mix like a proper Red Mage, and one without any spells(the physical one). Each one could even be geared according to their spellset; black magic uses "Black Mage" equips, the white users wears "White" equips, and so forth. Not only are they subpar, they're specialized.

User Info: rking

7 years ago#9
I started 4 White Mages, obtained the ship, and am now wondering where my offense comes from. Unless I'm mistaken I'll be relying on Blink then dozens of turns of hitting things for 1-10 damage, which does seem to work but it's quite slow. I started a solo Red Mage on another file, this one seems more interesting right now but I'm not sure if that'll stay the same once monsters become stronger since they'll have just one target to pick at.
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