Play Black Ops online?

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User Info: bluejudodragon

6 years ago#1

Apparently if you follow the setup on this vid you can play Black Ops online. I'm to lazy to try it out so I don't know if it really works.
"You spell cajun with a g." - random moron on MW2.
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User Info: xXpertx

6 years ago#2

These desperate people....
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User Info: bluejudodragon

6 years ago#3
Lol while I miss playing online, I don't like Black Ops enough to do all that crap.
"You spell cajun with a g." - random moron on MW2.
PSN: Shadofox126

User Info: ic3b3rgslim

6 years ago#4
the only game id do this for is bf2mc in its prime
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User Info: magikbus45

6 years ago#5
If there was a way I could play SSF4 this way, dear god would I.
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User Info: TheBlackRaven

6 years ago#6
I completely agree with iceberg.
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User Info: cornerback3

6 years ago#7
I've used that method to play a bunch of PS2 games with their servers down for good (Timesplitters Future Perfect, Project Snowblind, etc.)

User Info: BahamutElements

6 years ago#8
How about them gamersexuals
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