Want to play NFSU2 online? Download Hamachi!!

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User Info: Otaku-RP-Gamer

8 years ago#1
Hamachi is a VPN creator, VPN meaning Virtual Private Network. Basically, it makes a LAN connection over the internet, so that you can use programs that are LAN based.

I'm looking for some opponents to play on this game, and would also like people to know about this program so that older games can be brought back from the dead for some online action!

User Info: jeffareid

8 years ago#2
Here is how to set it up:

Download the Hamachi LAN app:


Edit sever.cfg:

\Program Files\EA Games\Need for Speed Underground 2\server.cfg

and delete the last line in server.cfg or put a # in front of it to remove the binding ... ADDR=%%bind("") ... or download this zip with original (serverorg.cfg) and replacement file (server.cfg):


Install Hamachi, select non-commercial user (free version). Run Hamachi,then join server: turnuva26, password: 123. You can also join server: ht90, password: 123 to see if there are any other servers for Underground 2. From the turnuva26 server, you'll usually see virtual lan server (people hosting servers) as well as the current filter settings (circuit, none, yes, yes, or drift, none, no, no, or ...).

Start up U2 (Underground 2). If your system is multi-core, alt-ctl-del out to task manger, right click on process speed2.exe, and set affinity to only one cpu (use cpu 0 if you want to use fraps, which defaults to cpu 1), as U2 (or any NFS game before ProStreet) will crash if multiple cpus are used for U2. Back into U2, and click on LAN, hopefully you'll see one or more servers. Join that server's lobby and set the filter, the annoying aspect of U2 online because you can't set it to "any". Alt-tab out of U2 and look for messages from turnuva26, usually players will specify the filter setting just before creating a game. If you have a second monitor, you can use that to watch for filter settings.

For the online play via LAN, career cars can be used, including uniques and ECU tuning via hex editting, and most players are using these. I added ECUTN to my zip of saves for NFSU2. ECUTN has hex edditted ECU reasonably optimized (not just max power on the dyno), plus all uniques but drivetrain, which doesn't help much, and bogs cars in drag mode. The original address still works:


ECUTN includes these cars in career mode:

Corolla - use for circuit, sprint, street x, and url. For circuit (+sprint), adjust final so top speed shows about 228mph (will be about 210 mph due to bug in corrollas gearing menu). For URL, adjust final to top speed shows about 205 mph.

240SX - use for drag - setup for non-nitrous launch in 1st gear. You'll have to modulate throttle to avoid blown engine at around 220 mph. A near perfect run (some luck here) at Bayview will be about 20 seconds, although 20.5 will be the average. There's another setup that launches very quickly, but it's more difficult to drive (less consistent) although occasionally you'll get around 19.75 at Bayview. I don't know how to set this up.

VW Golf GTI - use for drift car. For the downhill drifts, the Corolla with front tire grip set to 0.0 and rear tire set to 7.3 will "speed" drift (almost Carbon style), ending the event 30 seconds after you complete, which would probably annoy other players if used online, so stick with the VW Golf GTI. The European players used the Corsa, but this would probably crash the USA players games.

The other career cars in ECUTN, Navigator and Mustang are just fillers. The Navigator was used for SUV events during career mode. The Mustang is truly filler, not good at anything. I may make a new save using the RX7 or RX8 which are alternative drag and grip vehicles (I don't know which is better or how much slower they are than the 240SX (drag) and Corolla (circuit).
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