wtf, Emperor! (spoilers)

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User Info: spitfirexero

9 years ago#1
Why is that when Queen Himiko dies, all the Emperor can think about is Demon Fangs? Greedy bastard!

User Info: enix_knight

9 years ago#2

User Info: Shiranui117

9 years ago#3
The fat suffocates the dude's brain. >_>
"When you try to master something, it either ends in success or failure, but it is in the attempt itself where you find the true value." - Oki

User Info: Turbine

9 years ago#4
llLO @ fat sufficating the braim.
I've never seen a sadder bunch of superheroes than the ones in this game! Every time an enemy slaps them, they cry out "NOOOOO!!!". ~ Madguy

User Info: unholy1Dx

9 years ago#5
Think for a sec. If you were an emperor of Sei-an & the queen dies, hmmmm i see many concubines in the future!
It's good 2 be crazy it keeps you from going insane!
Do what I say & don't listen 2 me & don't read this line!
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  3. wtf, Emperor! (spoilers)

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