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User Info: cloudbarretcid1

9 years ago#1

This is my first post on here. I was wondering if anyone has brought up the issue that some of the reviews on gamefaqs have with the translation in the game. A few of the reviews I read say that they think it's translated too childishly and it doesn't really fit the overall atmosphere of the game. Others have just said, well, the translation is bad.

But i don't know. While playing the game I can't help but see some scenes and dialog as perfectly natural to the game, and they really couldn't be translated to sound any more mature. I think there are some ideas and events and dungeons in the game that are truly scary, really frightening in that Japanese horror film sort of way. The moments of light and somewhat suggestive dialog just seem to lighten up the gamer a bit after all the disturbing experiences.

Does anyone else think this way? I'm afraid I may have missed some central point, since I'm not completely sure I can tell a good translation from a bad one, but these are just my impressions as I play through this beautifully written, drawn, designed game.

User Info: Mookiethebold

9 years ago#2
I'll admit that some of the humor is "juvenile" in nature, so to speak, but it's hardly childish. I've never felt any of the dialogue was poorly translated, though there are a few spelling and grammar errors, but in a game such as this with SO much dialogue, a few mistakes were bound to happen.

Nonetheless, reviews are just opinions and this type of game isn't for everyone.

User Info: Otaku Ninja

Otaku Ninja
9 years ago#3
i thought the writing was supposed to be whimsical in nature, since many characters seemed to be that way even ignoring dialogue.

the random nudity on the other hand was surprising. gotta say i was confused when the camera showed sakuya from behind and i noticed that her robe was missing something

User Info: FF Obliviator

FF Obliviator
9 years ago#4
Just picture that back part as a peach instead.
What is the Meaning of Life?: To marry a Hypello.

User Info: Snekwah

9 years ago#5
was it a peach?
it took me forever to convince my parents who came into my room that it was just a fruit
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