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User Info: Cicatriz_ESP

5 years ago#1
I finished the game 1st time with 7126 praise. I've read that the maximum is 7214 or 7224, depending on the source, so I'm 68 - 78 points short of the maximum. I'm almost sure I did everything, every sidequest, bloomed every tree, clover, etc etc. I don't know what's happening. I wonder if it has to do with me pausing the game lots of times while the praise comes floating towards me, or blooming several things before the previous one computes. Is there anything I may have missed...

Also, there are 50 praise that I got and I didn't see mentioned in the fAQs. There's a guy in Sei An who is always complaing that his gf is mad at him, he is at the restaurant during the night. He kept saying that he would seek his gf when everyone in Sei An is happy. I met him during twilight after wawku shrine and he was fine n dandy and gave me 50 praise.

If the maximum of 7214 - 7224 doesn't include3 this, then I'm way more distante fr the maximum.

Ideas on where I could have missed praise

And BTW, does the ranking toward the end of the game resets on a 2nd playthrough so I can get extra #s of karmic transformers (I got all of them) and have new ranks

Thanks in advance.
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