Okami coming to PS3?!

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User Info: MC_BatCommander

5 years ago#21
From: Ryan Si | #016
I hope Capcom changes their mind about the no retail release for NA. Considering the fact I can only play my PS3 games on a PS3, I have no need or want for digital PS3 games and won't buy it w/o a box.

Considering I've heard several people around here say the same thing, Capcom better wake up.

Several people on GameFAQs can't hold a candle to how cheap and easy it is to sell a digital version of a game that never sold well in the first place.
Killing is badong.

User Info: ChaosBeelzemon

5 years ago#22
Baldulf posted...

Looking at the at the PS2-PS3 comparison, I think I've played the PS3 version five years ago...
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