How can a wolf who has no expression still tug at my heartstrings?

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  3. How can a wolf who has no expression still tug at my heartstrings?

User Info: Tarentula

4 years ago#11
VividAxis posted...
We're in the same boat. I've taken lessons for guitar, drums, piano and violin.. but I'm nowhere near a professional level. I think being around a genius would make me want to hide. Or I would sit there in silence with wide eyes and a huge grin on my face.

Fez shouldn't be missed. It's a very inexpensive game and some of the puzzles will make you think for several days before you solve them. It even has it's own alphabet and number system you have to decode. I can't say enough good about it. It's a gem of a game.

If you get it I would highly suggest going to a fireworks store and buying some red-blue 3D glasses. The game has 3 playthroughs. On the second you get the ability to fly and you can toggle to a 1st person perspective to look around and find clues you couldn't see the first time. On the third playthrough you can toggle 3D mode and it's really neat to see.

Of course, being in their presence would certainly be intimidating, but aso an opportunity of a lifetime. So you aren't doing anything music wise?

3D mode huh, sounds like fun. But three playthroughs is a lot, how, long is it?

User Info: VividAxis

4 years ago#12
The length of the game (FEZ) depends on how long it takes you to solve the puzzles. Some will be instant, some may take days. To finish the first playthrough you only need to collect 32 cubes. To finish PT2 you have to have 64. (You keep the 32 you found in PT1.) So PT2 is shorter because you already know how to solve most of the puzzles. But your new abilities (flight and 1st person view) give you the ability to solve more puzzles. PT3 is for fun. By that time you have all 64 cubes, you've seen the final ending.. but there are a few puzzles left and I don't know anyone who has solved them yet.

Also, I play guitar in the living room. That's all. >.>
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  3. How can a wolf who has no expression still tug at my heartstrings?

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