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User Info: zenertho

8 years ago#1
I'm a veteran ( i think) of this game, ive had it since it came out and am constantly in a deadlock with my best friend when we fight, we use everything from Fusions, to ultimate moves etc, we are fine with teleporting but occasionally we teleport behind each other and "volley" but how do you actually just Teleport behind them without hitting them?

User Info: Oreno5267

8 years ago#2
press x( guard) rapid-quick-ultra-fast after O (circle) when u deflect a ki blast
It's not amazing, it's re-amazing.
This is like Pokemon vs. Digimon, you're a Pikachu and I'm a Veemon.

User Info: zenertho

8 years ago#3
Can you make that any clearer, when we do it all that happens is we deflect the ki blast o.O

User Info: Oreno5267

8 years ago#4
Teleport Hit fwd + G when opponent attack you.
- This requires timing. Just hit fwd + G when the attack was about to
hit you. Your character will teleport to the back of your opponent
and it works for death-moves as well.
- Unlike Step Dodging, this one uses up around 1 1/2 Ki to perform a

from SOng's faq

i think u mean this, right?
It's not amazing, it's re-amazing.
This is like Pokemon vs. Digimon, you're a Pikachu and I'm a Veemon.

User Info: dotsnacker

8 years ago#5
I think he means where you teleport behind an enemy, but instead of your character actually knocking him away(which is normally what happens when you teleport,) he just stops right behind him. I've been wondering about it too, since I've had the computer do it to me a countless number of times.

It's annoying because I don't think it's possible to counter it at all. You can't respond with a teleport of your own because they don't actually hit you(or alteast I haven't ever been able to counter their teleport with my own,) and since your character's back is turned to their character, they can combo and then use a death move on you(and, if they're really good at timing, an ultimate move.)

I've done it quite a few times myself(by accident of course,) but it usually caught me off guard and gave the player/computer enough time to defend themselves. It may just be a weird glitch that just randomly occurs every so often, but it'd be nice to know for certain.


8 years ago#6
You can cancel teleports like you can any chargeable chain

While holding the button keep it held down and hit Guard then you will cancel the teleport attack and instantly recover
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User Info: bbhaver

8 years ago#7
Yeah this is hard as hell.

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