Vegeta cancels and other questions.

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User Info: 0wlman

5 years ago#1
I was asked to learn how to play this game so I went with Vegeta, one of my favorite DBZ characters.
Since the game doesn't list cancels, can someone name a few, or point me to a list that has them?
Second, Majin Vegeta being my favorite transformation, is it worth having the skill, or should I get Breakthrough? Or are both my suggestions bad?
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5 years ago#2
Well its been a while but lemme rattle off some of the Vegeta stuff I remember

1 Vegetas most famous cancels are

>P,K,K-Its got pretty good range is fairly fast and ends with a cancelable chargable stun can.These kinds of moves can be comboed off of even if fully charged to guard break

>K,K,K,>K-Pretty darn fast combos normal just fine and can be used as a low juggle infinite.Pretty good as an Anti-TC move as well

K,<K-Not a particularly great starter but the move ends so fast it makes a great Anti-TCer move

P,P,<P-Chargable stun and since its a 3 speed P its fast and a good way to bait TCers.Base Neutral P also recovers really fast on its own and stuns on counterhit

2 Set-ups

Vegetas got two things going his way in the capsule trey.

First SSJ4 has a huge attack high baseline Ki and modifies his basic projectile special into something monstrously damaging.Having two other transformations along the way takes up cap space but they give you guard breaks and a little average attack boost

The Meditation capsule reduces ki cost to an almost insane level.Its easily the best cap in the game and could be stacked together with 3 transformations.Even a single stacked Galic gun will be powerful once you get to SSJ4 so no problem there

The real problem with Majin Vegeta is that its the same cap space as SSJ just lower damage baseline and a worse DM in At9omic blast vs Final Shine.

Breakthrough is also questionable because everyone benefits from caps like 3 slot potential [in the GH version anyways] meditation or automatic stat boosts more than havign all DMs and transformations.It isnt terrible since Vegeta has alot of transformations can combo off his PDM and gets a really strong FS but meditation or 3 slot potential would be better overall.BT really only works on Goku
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