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User Info: Franheart

4 years ago#1
never played B3, but am loving this game above and beyond casual norm i think haha..

but, seriously. I would have thought a tag team feature would accompany this battle system greatly. id even say as to copy DOA, and make it so both players have to hit the switch button, with noticeable ques for the switch to work.

I repeatedly wreck on my brother, over and over and over again, iv taught him cancels, but hes grown quite stale: only to learn just to match me. Im forced to handycap myself just to keep a decent back and forth battle going, and to keep him wanting more action. Or else it would just be me opening a can of woop ass, no matter how many times i tell and show him the counters... Sigh if only we could team up, whether its piccalo with gohan, or goku with vegeta. id imagine a "fuller" experience IMO

hell story mode would be vastly improved IMO, allowing coop, as well as possibly: properly recreating fights, fighting 5 seibamen with, gohan, krillen, yhamcha, tien and choutsu all in the same fight. would extend the gameplay, eliminate the need for loading parts of fights that are otherwise the same friggen fight, and IMHO beef the action way up.
just something i seriously think is missing from this title.
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Gamertag: Franheart

User Info: JuliMizrahi

4 years ago#2
See also: Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tag Team.

It's for the PSP.
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