Redemption Quest? (spoilers)

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User Info: Bueller117

7 years ago#1
Whenever i get to Dantooine I fix the protocol droid and then the Redemption quest pops up. Even if i help save Khoonda it doesn't solve. How the h*** am i supposed to finish this quest?

User Info: tpexrath

7 years ago#2
are you talking about the quest where everybody thinks your a jedi and hates you for it?

User Info: Bueller117

7 years ago#3
Yes, and I have no idea how to complete it

User Info: Shadowlynk

7 years ago#4
If you're playing the unmodded game, the quest doesn't finish.

Oh, and you can say "hell". It isn't a banned word here.
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User Info: Bueller117

7 years ago#5
FYI: I do have the TSLRSM, if that makes it completable please inform me

User Info: redeadlink

7 years ago#6
***Spoilers*** Yes you can finish it in TSLRCM. Just talk to Suulru, and get his quest, but solve it lightside. Then talk to him nicely about you being a jedi, and it should say something about less people hating you. THEN save Khoonda, but don't take the reward... and then it should be finished. **end spoilers**
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