do i need to play KOTOR first?

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User Info: Dethestius

9 years ago#1
a friend let me borrow this, but I've never played the original. Should I play that first, or should I be fine just jumping into this one?

User Info: possumgee

9 years ago#2
eh you should be alright... there is certainly some backstory that is very frequently referred to, but the game does a fair job of explaining it all for newcomers. I would get the first one if possible though, just because it's a great game and it makes KOTOR II an even better game.

User Info: red255

9 years ago#3
^yeah you might get spoiled for the first one if you pay attention to the backstory at all. somewhat.

Heck first time thru I was lost on the story myself for some reason

So i don't think you'll find it HARDER to understand, just it will spoil the better storyline of the first game and er .... Well the exile missed the first game cuz he was away so you 'shouldn't' really know it happened.

But seeing characters again ..... Or wondering WHY you should go thru the effort to rebuild HK-47 when .... I think T3-M4 is a better droid.

man T3-M4 is the awesome...for a droid.

Now if HK-47 could Melee with Vibroblades or lightsabers.

really improved blasters in KotOR2. I got Mira to Scout 21 before Sentinel'ing her..... she was cutting down EVERYTHING with her 2 mandalorian rippers upgraded with Accuracy scopes 3-4 and Mandalorian Chambers 3 and Pure Rylith Energy Cells.

Likely she needs Master Force Speed to finish her off.... but DANG

Sorry sorry tangent. I really like Mira and the scout class.
"as for szs2, there's no way its gonna fall behind like szs did." -aers

User Info: Sparda X

Sparda X
9 years ago#4
I wouldn't say it's really needed, but to fully appreciate the story of this game, you should play KotOR 1 first.
A clever little bleeder, was Oscar Wilde. He once defined a cynic as a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Call me a cynic, then.

User Info: AquaticBlunder

9 years ago#5
Yes play number 1 first, then throw number 2 in the garbage because it is a horrible sequel.

User Info: grand_commander

9 years ago#6
Eh? I keep saying this (and I'm not alone in thinking so): KOTOR 2's gameplay is way better than KOTOR 1's, and KOTOR 1's story isn't anywhere NEAR as good as you seem to think it is.

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