Lootra's Wife

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User Info: Random_Guy928

9 years ago#1
This is my third time through the game, and I'm once again going light side. The previous two times, I was never able to reunite Lootra with his wife because I couldn't figure out how to do it without a dark side hit. This time, I want to finally do this quest, but I still can't figure it out.

The only way I can find to finish this the light side way (reuniting Lootra and his wife) is going dark side and killing the two guards. I can't find any way to get Saquesh to let her go, for the guards to let her pass, or to kill the guards without a dark side hit. Am I missing something, or is this another example of how unfinished this game is?

User Info: Sid_Starkiller

9 years ago#2
Kill Saquesh, the guards will attack without engaging the dialogue.
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User Info: red255

9 years ago#3
Yeah, just kill everyone.

.....LS doesn't care. Kill Saquesh and the serroco cuz they won't leave the refugees of taris alone. No DS hit.

Course you need to take the air speeder to tell the husband and collect the reward or wait until nar shadaa is completely done cuz it triggers the ..... events that take a while.
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User Info: Random_Guy928

9 years ago#4
Ah, OK. Thanks for the help.

User Info: Z9K

9 years ago#5

I talked to the guards using Kreia, and used the Intimidate option.

They started the fight, and I didn't get any DS points.

User Info: JosieJ

9 years ago#6
I always do a version of what the above poster did:

If you talk to the guards while controlling a character other than the Exile and try and fail to intimidate them into letting you past, you'll be able to kill them without taking a DS hit.

The character has to be low in Persuade/CHA, and also low in STR--remember, you have to fail to intimidate them; if you're too convincing or persuasive, or you're strong and powerful, they'll give in and let you past and you won't be able to complete the quest. I've mostly used Atton but I've also done it successfully with T3. I tried it with Bao-Dur once, but they gave in--he was too high in STR. I've never tried it with Kreia and I'm not sure why she works since she has some ranks in Persuade, but I guess the lack of STR is what makes it work with her. Or maybe she's just a special case!

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