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User Info: Link_CJ

8 years ago#1
This is probably a really stupid question. But I just burrowed this game from my brother and he didn't give me the manual so I couldn't go look it up.

I just became a Jedi on Dantooine (or however its spelled) and I just really started upgrading my powers. I just added the force whirlwind, which is just above force push. But now it seems that I cant use force push anymore in combat.

Is it lost to me now that I upgraded? (Force wirlwind is pretty crummy BTW)

Thanks much!!!

User Info: SoIidLegacy

8 years ago#2
There are quite a bit of Force powers that are impossible to use when you're equipped with armor. Those are only usable when you're equipped with clothes, robes or nothing at all. But IIRC, Force Whirlwind isn't one of those 'restricted' powers. It may be possible that your Force points aren't sufficient, even with a full Force bar, though I can only imagine this possible if you chose the Jedi Guardian class and you immediately went for Force Whirlwind.

Another possibility is that your willpower isn't high enough. This causes the enemy to resist your Force power, even if you do try to use it on him/her/it.
~States Guardian~
"Reality is almost *always* wrong." -Gregory House

User Info: cogadh

8 years ago#3
I think you missed the point of his question. When you upgrade a force power to its next level, that new level replaces the old. Force Whirlwind replaces Force Push and Force Wave replaces Force Whirlwind.

As for Force Whirlwind being crummy, I would have to disagree. Rather than simply knocking down and possibly stunning an opponent with Force Push, Force Whirlwind locks the opponent in place, taking constant damage while you can continue hacking at him with your saber. I usually don't upgrade past Force Whirlwind, since Force Wave is just the same thing as Force Push, but it affects multiple targets.

User Info: cosmicat

8 years ago#4
However, if you somehow manage to get Force Wave before the end of Telos, you can use it to win a certain fight with relative ease and get a decent experience bonus.

User Info: SoIidLegacy

8 years ago#5
Damnit >_< Hate it when that happens!
~States Guardian~
"Reality is almost *always* wrong." -Gregory House

User Info: grand_commander

8 years ago#6
It's funny. Usually people are complaining that they can't use Force Whirlwind after they get Force Wave. Whirlwind is just better than Push, in all ways, but Force Wave involves a tradeoff.

Oh, and you posted this KOTOR 1 question on the KOTOR 2 board. >.>

User Info: Link_CJ

8 years ago#7
Thanks all. Yeah I kinda figured that upgrading made the older power unusable.

Actually, now that I rose another level force whirlwind is a lot better. Before it took almost all my points to use it, and it almost never worked. But now it works a lot more and is a whole lot better than force push.

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